Woman killed ex-husband during sex

May 6th, 2010 by

OVIEDO, Fla. — A woman in Central Florida said Wednesday that she killed her ex-husband during sex because she just wanted to make him stop.
The 911 call made by Anita Smithey’s neighbor after she said the 41-year-old admitted to killing her ex-husband was just released.
Smithey had her first appearance in court on Wednesday. She was charged with murder after police said she shot and killed her ex-husband Rober Cline with a .38-caliber handgun.
His body was found in a bedroom in Smithey’s Oviedo home early Tuesday.
Police said Smithey stabbed herself with a single-blade folding knife to make it look like self-defense in what authorities said they thought was a case of domestic violence.
According an arrest report, while on the way to South Seminole Hospital and with an officer present, Smithey told a paramedic that she and her ex-husband had been drinking and engaged in consensual sex.
“Anita said Robert became mad and started questioning her … thought she was sleeping with another man,” the report said.
The report also said the sex began to get rough and that Cline would not stop.
“She received her firearm, cocked the hammer and placed it back into an unknown drawer,” the report said. “Robert had a knife in his hand, and they struggled over the knife, at which time he threw her back on the bed.”
The report said she then got the gun from the nightstand and put it under her pillow.
“Anita then said she didn’t know why she shot him and she wasn’t in fear, she just wanted him to leave and that she was only going to shoot the gun to scare him,” the report said.
Smithey is being held under no bond, and she has been appointed a pubic defender.

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  1. Ginger

    there have been times I have wanted my husband to stop but I have never felt it so much that I wanted to kill him. I love my husband and want only to please him. He is my world outside of my children. I am a stay at home mom but I still cherish my life. I would also like to say that this is another case where alcohol unfortunately takes over. Maybe we don’t go as far as killing but we all have secret desires. I do not agree with her actions because all she had to do is say no, don’t tell me she can’t because i have.

  2. rb

    This is a tough one… While I can understand that shooting the man was probably excessive, I am a rape survivor. I have been in relationships where my partner has known that I was previously raped and I have had to ask for reprieves during sex, which he was not always willing to give. Not every man will stop just because you ask them to. There are plenty of men who, although they don’t consider themselves rapists (hell, it started out as consensual), still feel powerful by making a woman beg them to stop. In my case it is often because I am in pain and on the verge of a flashback. That knowledge did not always make him stop, and, he was sober. Add alcohol and you have a totally combustible situation. I can see both sides of this situation… Would that make me a good or bad juror???

  3. ThisIsWhy

    This is why it wasn’t illegal to “rape” your wife in most states until around the 1980′s.

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