Woman Finds Python In Hotel Toilet

April 16th, 2010 by

OMAHA, Neb. — A La Vista hotel guest said she found a python in her toilet Thursday morning.
The woman was staying at the Hampton Inn in La Vista when she said she found the snake coiled in the toilet. She said she noticed it before planting herself on the seat.
She caught it in a pillowcase and called for help.
The 3-foot ball python is likely around 3 years old, said the Humane Society’s Sarah Riederer. She said the such pythons don’t frequent Nebraska, so she thinks it’s someone’s pet. Ball pythons are warm-weather reptiles, Riederer added, and therefore it didn’t slither through any pipes.
“They’re not really supposed to be in the water, not to mention the water was probably cold, so it probably put him into shock,” she said. “He probably wasn’t moving around a whole lot.”
Images: Toilet Python
Hampton Inn hotel management said they have a no-pet policy and they’re investigating who was in the room before.
“It’s definitely someone’s practical joke or something,” Riederer said.
A snake like that has no boundaries.
“They’re able to elongate their bodies because they’re mostly muscles and ribs, so they can really elongate themselves and fit into small cracks and go just about anywhere,” she said.

When provoked, the snake can wrap itself around a predator and bite, Riederer said.
“If it was in the wild and if it was a lot bigger, it definitively would be dangerous,” Riederer said. “But right here in Nebraska, and especially its size, it’s not a danger to anyone.”
If the owner doesn’t come forward within the next five days, the Humane Society said it’ll likely offer the snake for adoption.

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