Woman Finds Camera Phone In Bathroom

October 20th, 2009 by

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – With fans pouring into town for the Florida Gators’ homecoming game Saturday, it seemed like it was going to be another prosperous football weekend for a Gainesville CVS located just down the street from the stadium.
That was until police were called to the store Friday afternoon.
Investigators said a woman found a camera phone lying underneath a pile of tissues in the bathroom.
Police said the phone belonged to the manager of the drug store.
According to the police report, the store manager admitted to placing the phone in the bathroom to record the women who came in to use the bathroom.
Police said it wasn’t the first time it happened. They said the manager also admitted to secretly recording about 50 other victims.
“We don’t know what the next step is,” one investigator said. “Does it go from cameras to actually acting something out in person?”
The manager was charged with video voyeurism, so far on just one count, but there could be more depending on what other evidence might be found.
Knowing this happened in a popular shopping plaza has many women alarmed.
CVS spokesman Mike Deangelis released the following statement: “We’re cooperating with police in their investigation, and the individual involved is no longer employed by CVS.”

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  1. Bobby Plunkett

    That’s hella crazy. I guess this guy must be hella lonely if he’s gotta pictures or videos. But least he got away with it for awhile. I wonder what he’s next step is an maybe well put more into it. Also if I was that lady I wouldn’t have said anything, I wouldve just kept the phone and delete everything in it that I didn’t need

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