Witnesses: Man Stabbed Outside Publix Was Aggressor

August 6th, 2010 by Staff

CLERMONT, Fla. (www.wftv.com)– You don’t expect violence when you shop at a grocery store, but Wednesday night an alleged missed stop sign at a pedestrian crosswalk outside a Publix in Clermont erupted into a fistfight and stabbing, and to a man’s arrest.

The suspect told WFTV he was just trying to protect his wife from a bad driver, but eyewitnesses say he’s the one who attacked first and police say that’s why he was arrested. The suspect told WFTV he is the victim, with stab wounds to prove it.

The trouble started with an argument a few steps from the front doors of the Clermont Publix. It ended when 47-year-old Lance Callahan was stabbed in the throat, but it was Callahan who went to jail.

“He became the aggressor in this situation. He chased the victim down,” said Sgt. Brent Joyner, Clermont Police Department.

“I just need to let you know that somebody’s threatened my life, punched me in the face and, um, tried to get in my car, and he got stabbed with a small pocket knife,” caller Daniel Monaghan told a 911 operator.

“OK, the person got stabbed?” the operator asked.

“I stabbed him,” Monaghan said.

911 caller Daniel Monaghan told police he was driving his burgundy SUV through the stop signs in front of the store as Callahan came out pushing a shopping cart. Callahan accused him of running the stop sign and allegedly chased Monaghan down and punched him.

Callahan claimed it was Monaghan who followed him and his wife around the parking lot and threatened to run them over. He insists he never punched anybody.

But in the police report, witnesses described Callahan as a violent and scary man. Police say the stabbing was in self-defense.

“The victim felt in fear for his life and thought the only way to escape was to use the knife,” Sgt. Joyner said.

Callahan, however, insists police arrested the wrong man. He has eight stitches in his neck and arm. He faces a charge of assault and battery.

WFTV was not able to reach Monaghan for comment.

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  1. nobody

    I live across the street from Lance Callahan, and he is a total psycho. He is not the innocent victim in this situation. He has attacked other people right in front of his own house, and Lake County deputies have been out here numerous times, He is a danger to society and should be locked up permanently before he kills someone.

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