Win the “Hulk Hogan” Edition 2010 Camaro!

February 8th, 2010 by

A raffle for a new 2010 Chevrolet Camaro 1LT is being conducted by Unity in the Community, Inc, a “501c3” non-profit organization located in Plant City, Florida. Stingray Chevrolet, located in Plant City, Florida and the BTLS Foundation (“Bubba The Love Sponge” Foundation) based in Tampa, Florida, are the source of the prize. The winning ticket will be drawn on March 14th 2010 (5pm EST) at The Florida Strawberry Festival, Plant City, Florida. Winner need not be present to win. All proceeds from the raffle benefit Unity in the Community, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
A $5 minimum donation per raffle ticket is suggested but not required. No purchase necessary. Winner must be 18 years or older. Employees, members and immediate family members of Stingray Chevrolet, Cox Radio, “Bubba the Love Sponge”, BTLS Foundation, Unity in the Community, Inc. and their affiliates/agencies are not eligible to win.
Raffle tickets will be available at Stingray Chevrolet until 6pm EST Saturday 3/13/10, and at the Strawberry Festival (March 1-14, 2010) during hours of operation up to 4:30pm EST. Tickets will also be available on-line at until 6pm EST on Saturday 3/13/10. Limit 10 tickets per person. Winner will be promptly notified of the drawing by phone. If failure to contact winner within 72 hours of the drawing occurs, another winner will be drawn. Winner responsible for tax, tag, title and fees plus any prize related federal taxes (Form 1099 will be provided). Void where prohibited. No cash option available. Participants agree to release, discharge and hold harmless Stingray Chevrolet, BTLS Foundation, Unity in the Community, Inc, participating radio stations, radio programs, parent, subsidiary and affiliated companies, and their respective officers, directors, employees, agents and representatives, against any claim, liability or expense arising from participation in the raffle and/or acceptance or use of any prize. Must be a legal U.S. resident of the Continental U.S. to be eligible to participate. Winner required to show proof of identification and is responsible for taking local delivery of the Camaro at Stingray Chevrolet.

Sponsored By: Stingray Chevrolet & Bubba the love Sponge® Foundation

41 Responses

  1. eriklee

    got mine, good luck to everyone…its a good cause

  2. Eric

    Only 10 per person, I’ll be back for nine more

  3. Jeff Cobner

    Hogan built my Camaro
    Its a love affair
    Mainly Hogan and my Camaro.

    Yeah, Win it!

  4. Bun One

    Looks very clean. I’m in Canada so I can’t win but this is a good cause and my hat is off to Hogan and Bubba for using there power for a good cause.

  5. Joe

    Where do you fill out the raffle ticket?

  6. Eric The Midget

    It clearly states, “A $5 minimum donation per raffle ticket is suggested but NOT REQUIRED.” Those who are local can obtain tickets without paying a donation, but I could not locate such an option for those wanting raffle tickets via the internet.

  7. Dick Bukaki

    If I win the Camaro can I meet Hulk Hogan? I would like to drop a load on his bald head.

  8. tim conant

    where does one fine these tickets

  9. tim conant

    when i win the car, will all you guys and the hulk autograph it

  10. Rob Strickland

    Will I get a copy of the raffle ticket # or will they just call by name? All I have is a copy of my PayPal reciept.

  11. Jason

    is it a v-8?

  12. mike

    should of been a super sport

  13. horrible odor

    damn thats one ugly car. yellow and red sucks together

  14. Hukamania

    It’s a V-6 TS, better than a LS.

    How they going to contact a paypal winner? by their paypal email? Can’t wait to go to FL and pick up my car….

  15. Itchy balls

    It really sucks that us Canadians can’t buy tickets. A big part of the bubba army is from Canada. I am very dissppointed guys. I’m takin a shizzz with a zz on this Whole contest..

  16. LEMMON714

    11. Jason, it’s a v6

  17. spanky spankerson

    well the colors and V6 model are great for a Hogan edition…..outdated and not much performance

  18. Jim

    How do I buy Rraffle tickets? I donated money but still no tickets.

  19. adrian

    Where’s the raffle tickets???

  20. Andrea

    I’m gonna win – but keep donating! Thanks… !!

  21. carmen

    i have been trying to buy a ticket for the last 4 hours and cant whats the matter

  22. harleymansteve

    man thats the uglyest car ever.
    how about doing a dodge challenger a real car that somebody
    might want. thanks bubba hulks still the man.
    i guess if i won it i can go down to dayton andrews and trade it in for pennys on the dollar! on a r/t challenger.

  23. Angie

    Is the website not working to purchase tickets via Paypal?

  24. adam

    wow!!u guys are fags

  25. teeody

    isn’t that the car his son killed that guy with?

  26. joedirt

    looks more pink than red

  27. Linda Hogan

    Me want to buy more tickets, put PAYPAL back up!!!!


    All you marks need to back off,this is my ride,I will win this car,so don’t buy anymore tickets.Your all being bamboolzold

  29. Krazy K


  30. DirtonaBeach

    I would love to win the McDonald’s, Hulk Hogan Chevrolet, but I don’t see anywhere on this site to purchase tickets and I keep getting Kim’s voicemail and Stingray Chevrolet. You guys better get on those people if you want to sell these tickets.

  31. DirtonaBeach

    Holy shizz they called me this morning! I finally purchased my raffle ticket. Either Bubba got my message and got on their ass or just coincidental. Either way I hope to be driving away in the number 69 Bubba McDonald’s Hulk Hogan Chevrolet! Ha!

  32. Keoki

    Got My 10! I hope I win! Great charity! Good luck to all, but more to me.

  33. Shalimar

    No contest love for us Canadians… that sux monkey balls >:P

  34. philip

    love the idea,its for a great cause. I got my tickets and hope to win i could realy us this im looking for a new car and do not have the money for one. so everone pray for me and look out ive got this on lock the cars all mine.

  35. mayhem

    bubba i love the idea of the 10 ticket limit lets the average guy have a shot at the car …

  36. Jamison

    A 1LT? Weak, for everyone who does not know their option packages, 1LT equal, base model, plain jane, shizzy at best.

  37. RCK


  38. Dev

    Great, if I win, I’ll park it next to my other Chevy, a custom 1975, 4-door, 4-cylinder, brown Corvette.

  39. josey

    What’s the winning number???

  40. Chris

    WHO WON????? We are all dying to find out!

  41. josey

    The winning ticket number is 5286!

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