White House press secretary mocks Sarah Palin from podium

February 10th, 2010 by

WASHINGTON (oregonlive)– Even the White House’s top spokesman is getting in on the act of mocking former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin for looking to talking points written on her palm during a speech to “tea party” activists.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs showed the words “hope” and “change” on his hand as he started his daily briefing with reporters on Tuesday.

Many in the room, where President Barack Obama had spoken just moments before about the need for bipartisanship, groaned at the political shot.

Palin spoke Saturday in Nashville and photographs and video show she had “energy,” “tax” and “lift American spirits” on her hand. During one question, she looked down at the palm of her hand for a cue.

In her speech she mocked Obama’s use of teleprompters.

–The Associated Press

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  1. Gene DellaSala

    Bubba and crew;

    I am glad to see you don’t have the sheepish mentality the Republican party has towards Sarah Palin.

    I thought you would appreciate some talking points about her idiocy:

    1. she quit her job as governer to pursue more lucrative ventures (book deal, Fox news correspondent). What is to say she won’t do the same if she ever becomes President?

    2. It took 5 colleges for her to earn a BS degree in Communications which is one of the easiest degrees to earn.

    3. She supported the Bridge to Nowhere and pork barrel spending until Congress shot it down and she changed her mind to minimize the embarrassment.

    4. She doesn’t believe in Evolution or science for that matter. Do we really want a President that denies provable facts based on solid scientific principles over extremist religious faith?

    5. In order to be a doctor you need a medical degree and board certifications, the same for being a lawyer and any other profession. Why has American been so dumbed down that an uneducated white trash bitch can be considered a candidate for the most important job in the world – the President?

  2. Milton

    I guess Palin does not understand satire and she complains about telaprompters, what a hypocrite. Palin’s hand job just shows all of us what kind of dullard we are up against, I have not seen this since junior high. She is so perfect for “Fake News”. WOW and some call her a leader….please.

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