Watch Who You Give The Finger

April 30th, 2009 by admin


A man who allegedly boarded a school bus outside East Bank Middle School and smacked a 14-year-old student should never have been allowed on the bus in the first place, Kanawha school officials said Wednesday.

Kanawha Superintendent Ron Duerring said administrators would follow through on any disciplinary actions that might be deemed necessary against the bus driver, but would not go into detail, citing personnel matters.

Duerring said only students, school staff and passengers permitted for some trips, like chaperones, are allowed on school buses.

“Other than that, we shouldn’t have anybody entering our buses,” he said.

State Police say Joshua Shawn Beaver, 25, of Pratt, followed the school bus from Crown Hill to the parking lot at East Bank Middle School.

Beaver said students on the bus flashed the middle finger at him. On the bus surveillance video, Beaver asked the bus driver if he wanted to know which students flashed their middle finger.

“Yeah,” the driver said.

Kanawha County Schools Transportation Director George Beckett did not identify the bus driver Wednesday, and said he was not sure he could.

Beaver walked onto the bus. He looked back at the students and said, “come here” to one, then told other children who were standing, “excuse me,” as he began to walk toward the back of the bus.

The bus driver took off his seat belt and walked toward Beaver.

Beaver saw one of the students on the bus and confronted him. Video shows the bus driver stood next to Beaver as this happened.

“Remember my name now: It’s Josh Beaver,” he told the student. “I appreciate you flipping me off all the way down the road.”

Source: WVGazette

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  1. Cannabeans

    what a fag jumping on a bus to play tough guy with student,yeah sure we will remember you now.He is only 35 himself so it was just a few years ago he was getting punked out on those same buses,But big bad john Rambo commondered that bus of kids and showed them he wont take it any more and will jump on that bus,just not a truck with a man.So men feel free to flip josh fields off,see i remember his name.Wish it was my kidd on the bus,we would settle out of court,we settle it in the bubbagong.

  2. bubba 1st SRGT zender

    is all about respect……i can imagened lol….kkkkkkk…i got into a similar problem with a student hi was throwing papper balls, spitting my car moon his ass and flipping the finguer unfortuneted the bus made a stop in street where i used to live at my son jump out of my car kicked this boy ass they both got suspended from school and kid suspended from the school bus is all about respect…..if the parent wont teach their kids some respect someone will, my best friend died becuse he flip the finger in the traffic light in miami back in 97 some dude shot him in the head and his girlfriend got in the sholder she survived

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