Wasp attack victim: God let me live

February 9th, 2011 by Staff

Lakeland, Florida - For the first time since the October attack, Juanita Foshee is strong enough to speak.

Stung by nearly 1,000 yellow jackets from head to toe, poison coursed through Foshee’s 81-year-old body.

At the emergency room, doctors told the Foshee family that they had never seen such a horrific wasp attack. They said it would be a long road to recovery, if she recovered at all.

Three months after the attack, Juanita is out of the hospital and in a rehabilitation center called Valencia Hills in Lakeland.

Bound to a wheelchair for now, Juanita says, “If I can’t walk, I could crawl.” Her husband Clyde laughs.

While her vocal chords are still weak, this woman symbolizes sheer strength.

“[Doctors] didn’t know from one day to the next if she would be there. It was that bad. They had never seen anybody bit that many times and lived. It is just a miracle,” said Clyde shaking his head.

Her husband has been at her side for 55 years. He was the reason she was in the yard that day, picking flowers next to the nest.

“They didn’t like it,” recalls Juanita about the yellow jackets. “So, I ran in the house.”

The rest is a blur.

Juanita says she doesn’t remember the fear but she does remember the pain.

“[It was] like electric shock,” said Juanita.

You can still see the scars of those stings. Some say she’s lucky to be alive. She says her fortune is in her faith.

“God let me [live].”

Juanita is going through aggressive physical, occupational and speech therapy. Doctors at the nursing home say she is progressing very quickly and hope to have her home soon.

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