Was Eminen Part of Bruno’s Act or Just Butt of Joke?

June 2nd, 2009 by admin

The folks at MTV Movie Awards have staged some pretty memorable moments – William Shatner’s “I Want To Sex You Up,” “Brady Bunch” does Basic Instinct, and Seth Rogen and James Franco light it up on stage – but the best was last night’s “WTF! moment of the century” when actor Sacha Baron Cohen, as gay Austrian fashion reporter Brüno, planted his “kugelsack” on the face of rapper, and notorious gay basher, Eminem.

Brüno, dressed in white angel wings and a jockstrap, was making a surprise entrance by floating down onto the stage from the ceiling at the the Gibson Amphitheatre when the cables on his wire harness suddenly stopped working.

Brüno asked to be dropped and happened to land headfirst between Eminem’s legs…meanwhile, cameras zoomed in on Brüno’s bare butt in Shady’s face.

The rapper was visibly upset mouthing the words, “Are you f*&^$% serious?” Members of Em’s entourage grabbed Bruno and shoved his “kugelsack” off the rapper. Eminen and his posse then stormed out of the building.

So is it real or not… check out the seconds just before Brüno lands on Eminen… i think the camera prematurely zooms in on Em… you be the judge!

Here’s the video:

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  1. Adrian

    LOL!! I don’t think Eminem was set up for this. I think Bruno really put his nasty ass in Em’s face!! His reaction was priceless!!!

  2. James

    He can dish it out but he cant take it. He is just pissed someone showed there butt instead of him. Isnt that his MO. Definitly staged.

  3. Lucy

    So when I watched this on my TIVO yesterday, MTV let one of the “f bombs” slip and I had to rewind it several times to make sure I wasn’t just hearing things. Whoops!!

  4. Eric

    As staged as 9/11. So fake.

  5. jersey

    if it was real than why was shady miked

  6. Gen

    they said already that the whole thing was staged that eminem knew about it and that they practiced everything so it was staged but i got to say eminem looked pretty fucking pissed ,it looked pretty real!!

  7. Bob

    Thats bullshiz eric… i dont care if you are joking but to even say something so f###ed up you have to be one retarded bastard. If 9/11 was really staged why would the country be in the shape its in right now? Wouldn’t the conspirator have thought of the huge effect perpetuated war would have on the economy??? So honestly, you should just beat the shiz out of yourself for even saying something so ignorant…

  8. mr. bungle

    kayfabe all the way, man.

  9. Sarasota Brent

    I agree, this was staged like 9/11. Gee why was “the real slim shady” already wearing a microphone? for his rap apperance? I don’t think so. Just like the reason George Bush was in Sarasota on 9/11 instead of Washington. Jesse Ventura, Dido and Andy Dick have acknowledged that the government knew more about 9/11 than meets the eye, Wake Up, DUDE!!!!!

  10. brudda boo

    I think the “”real question “” to be asked to Eminem is Why didn’t you jump up when Bruno landed on you ? maybe the boyfriend Bruno’s talking about having is Eminem ? I swear I saw Eminem winking at Bruno’s ass as if he was making sizing it up for later…

    All I can say is I hope someone in Eminem’s posse was in charge of the breath mints he is going to need a few…

  11. Trucker Bob

    Some people like their M+M’s plain, some like them with nuts

  12. pipelayer

    I would expect something more original from Bruno. He is a very talented comic. The king of all media(Howard Stern) did this exact same stunt many many years ago. This guy is almost as bad as Jay Leno.

  13. NEDS NUT

    you know m&m wanted to touge that brown eye!!!!lol melts in his mouth not his face!

  14. fah-q

    A few years back Triumph screwed with eminem and he freaked out then too.

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