Was Buchanan wrestler’s move an illegal act?

December 13th, 2010 by Staff

www.parentdish.com – Whoa! Is this a wrestling match or a prostate exam?

A former high school wrestler faces charges of sexual battery for a move that is waaay illegal — even if you buy your opponent dinner first.

Preston Hill, a former senior at Buchanan High School in Clovis, Calif., allegedly took two of his fingers and went where angels fear to tread during a wrestling practice last summer.

The Fresno Bee reports he was suspended from school and an expulsion hearing is pending. Meanwhile, his criminal trial begins Dec. 16.

Hill’s father tells the newspaper his son was using a wrestling move known as a “butt drag.” It’s a legal move, provided you don’t mistake your opponent for a Muppet. The real move is friendly enough.

What you are supposed to do is grab your opponent firmly by the butt cheeks so you can maneuver him about the mat. You’re not allowed to go anywhere, uh, indoors.

The illegal butt drag is a sore — that is to say — a black eye for high school wrestling in general.

“It’s making wrestling look bad,” David Wheeler, the wrestling coach at Sunnyside High School in Fresno, tells the Bee. “Some people already see wrestling as a dirty sport. Now people are talking about anal penetration and wrestling in the same sentence.”

The Bee reports California has already lost the wrestling programs at Fresno State University and the University of California at Davis.

“This isn’t good,” Wheeler tells the newspaper. “We don’t need any bad attention to the sport if we want to keep it going.”

Dennis DeLiddo, a longtime wrestling coach at Fresno State, tells the Bee he doesn’t like how this whole incident is giving the butt drag a bad name.

“To think I’d ever instruct my guys to get on the mat and practice sticking their fingers in their teammates’ rear end, it’s stupid and ridiculous,” DeLiddo tells the newspaper. “A butt drag isn’t sticking your finger up a guy’s (well, you know). That’d be illegal. That’d be counterproductive. That’s not the move. That’s not a butt drag. That’s just perverted.”

Then again, in the thick of battle, Fresno City coach Paul Keysaw tells the newspaper stuff happens.

“It’s not like your sole purpose is trying to insert your finger in their butt,” Keysaw tells the Bee, adding that, sometimes kids’ grabs exceed their intended reach.

“I’m not going to say anal penetration never happens. But I absolutely, unequivocally say ‘no’ that a coach would ever teach his kids to shove fingers up another kids’ rectum.

“That’s just a dangerous path to take.”

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  1. Roger Cadillo

    I wished I wrestled the buttplug kid. I would enjoy that.
    What’s all the fuss?

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