Warning: Graphic video depicts Detroit precinct shooting

January 31st, 2011 by Staff

Detroit — A graphic surveillance video from inside a Detroit police precinct shows a wounded commander exchanging point-blank shots with a gunman on Sunday, returning fire despite being hit in the hand and side.
The 68-second video shows Lamar Moore, 38, entering the 6th Precinct and pulling a pistol-handled shotgun on officers who were working behind a horseshoe-shaped counter.

Moore’s first blast took out Sgt. Ray Saati, standing next to Cmdr. Brian Davis. Both fell behind a desk as Davis, grabbing Saati’s gun, stood and fired back.
Moore then jumped the counter and confronted Davis, and the two — less than 3 feet apart — fired upon each other.
Davis was blown backwards by the shot and Moore, the video shows, staggered around a couple of desks. But before he could shoot Davis again, the commander jumped out of the way, throwing a garbage can to distract Moore.
Soon afterward, other officers closed in on Moore and fired the shots that killed him.
The gunfight was played out in grainy, black-and-white video that was at times hard to follow. But it was clear that Davis and his officers reacted quickly and with professionalism.
“There were tremendous acts of heroism,” Police Chief Ralph Godbee said.
Three other officers, Sgt. James Kirkland, Sgt. Mike Ingels and Officer Theodore Jackson were returning fire and were not on camera, police said. Jackson was off duty and had come in to take care of some paperwork. “He wasn’t home watching football,” Assistant Chief Chester Logan said.
The Sunday incident in northwest Detroit garnered national attention and is forcing officials to make changes to ensure precincts and district offices are more secure.
All four of the officers wounded during the exchange have been released from the hospital.
Moore, of Detroit, was under investigation for allegedly holding a 13-year-old runaway as a sex slave, but police have been reluctant to speculate about a motive.
“We can’t speculate,” Godbee has said. “There is nothing in this that makes sense.”
Three of the supervisors have been released from Sinai-Grace Hospital and a fourth remains there but is recovering, police said Thursday.
The video from the precinct surveillance system depicted “the acts of heroism of our heroes on the police department reacting in a split second,” and Moore had “intentions that are evil,” Godbee said.
Mayor David Bing has promised whatever resources needed to make the precincts and district offices safer, Godbee said. He declined to say what would be changed for fear of tipping off criminals.
“There will be changes that will be obvious to the eye,” he said.
In the meantime, Ilitch Holdings has donated wands like ones used at concerts and sporting events to check visitors for weapons.

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