Voice Expert Says Misty Cummings Knows Who Took Haleigh

August 28th, 2009 by

JACKSONVILLE, FL — A voice analysis expert says Misty Cummings knows something about the disappearance of her step-daughter, Haleigh.

T.J. Ward met with Misty this week. Ward says the 17-year-old signed an agreement to take a layered voice analysis test. He says she wanted to take it to help clear her name.

“She was not pressured. She was on the phone with me and asked if I’d come to Florida,” says Ward.

Ward is a voice analysis expert based in Atlanta. He says the test is much like a polygraph except it is better. He says instead of just getting yes and no answers, like with a polygraph, a voice test allows him to get more in depth and have a conversation.

He says the analysis allows him to pick up on stresses and untruths. “I think she is lying…I don’t know who she is covering for,” says Ward.

He says he believes Misty knows who took Haleigh.

The test, which happened on Monday, lasted about 24 minutes. Misty now says she was pressured to take it.

“That’s totally untrue. I was with her four of five hours, there was no pressure.”

Ward says a polygraph is about 50 percent accurate and a voice test is about 95 percent accurate.

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