Utah Teens Cited For Rapping Order at McDonald’s

November 2nd, 2009 by

AMERICAN FORK, Utah (Fox 13) – Four teenagers were cited by police in American Fork after they rapped their order at a McDonald’s drive-thru. The boys said the drive-thru worker was not amused and asked them to leave. American Fork police found the teens at a parking lot during a high school volleyball game and issued them a citation for being disorderly in public. An officer said this means the teens created public fear or a public scene and that continuing to rap when they were asked to repeat their order was enough to issue a citation.

The teens said an employee got their plate number and must have called police as they were leaving. They also said they did not think they were breaking the law while rapping their order.

“It’s just a joke. Honestly they didn’t need to take it this far. It’s not a big deal.” said Gage Christensen, 17, one of the teens involved in the rap.

FOX 13 News called the McDonald’s in American Fork and the night manager said the teens were cursing and disrupting business. The teens said that is not true and they were the only ones in the drive-thru.

“Who gives tickets to high school teenagers for rapping into a microphone at McDonalds? Who does this?” said a mother of one of the teens, Sharon Dauwalder. “I just don’t understand why or how this could have been blown out of proportion.”

Thousands nationwide have made their own drive-thru rap videos and posted them on YouTube.


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  1. Meleniumshane90

    Ridiculous.. and more ridiculous is the police who handled this – isn’t there something better for them to do?

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