US Army single mom arrested by MPs

November 19th, 2009 by — According to an Associated Press, a single mom from Savannah Georgia may be facing criminal charges for failure to report for deployment to Afghanistan. Specialist four Alexis Hutchinson, a cook with the 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade of the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division enlisted in the Army in 2007. Until now she has no previous deployments in her records.
Hutchinson originally from Oakland California was arrested by the military police for failure to report for deployment to Afghanistan and placed on restrictions until authorities investigate the charges. At present time no charges have been filed in her case until CID completes their investigation and recommendation.

According to spokesperson for Hunter Army Airfield, Kevin Larson said that “Hutchinson refused orders to deploy because she had no one to care for her 10 month old son; Kamani.” Hutchinson’s attorney Rai Sue Sussman said “Hutchinson was told by her superior’s that she was ordered to deploy even if she had to place her son in foster care.” Larson replied by saying that” until the investigation is complete it is not certain as to what Hutchinson was told by her commanders stigation is complete. “

Hutchinson claims that she has no one that is willing to look after her son during the deployment. Her mother who lives in Oakland is overwhelmed with taking care of three infants with health problems and can longer care for her son while she is on deployment. Hutchinson also reports that she has no relationship with her son’s father or his family. Hutchinson’s biggest fears is that if she showed up for deployment with her son, the Army would send her to Afghanistan and place her son in child protective services. According to Larson, “if she would have showed up at the deployment terminal with her son, there is no doubt that she wouldn’t have been deployed.

According to Army regulations all single parent soldiers must have a care plan set up in case of deployment. Hutchinson care plan included her mother. Hutchinson mother did take custody of her son about three weeks prior to her scheduled deployment. Unfortunately, the mother had to return him to his mother just prior to her deployment due to her commitment to three children with medical problems. Caring for the three children along with her grandson would be overwhelming for her.

As it stands now, Hutchinson will not be deployed until the investigation is complete. She may be charged with a crime as outlined in the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) failure to report for deployment. They also could charge her with AWOL under the UCMJ.

Today’s action Army opens the door and welcomes single parents both male and female. If the military is willing to accept single parents both male and female, shouldn’t they understand that life changes in a split second and the changes could alter the child care plan? Shouldn’t they be more compassionate and understanding?

On the flip side, the Army has it’s needs, should they over look their need so they can be more caring and compassionate? Should the new family friendly Army demand more discipline of the soldier of today? If the Army of the 60s told a soldier to jump, the soldier would ask, how high? If the soldier of the 60s received orders, they carried out those orders, no excuse, no exception, no special consideration. The Army of the 60s was concerned with its mission, not about the soldiers family.

As Vietnam started to escalate the government was forced to institute and utilized the draft system to help build up troop strength. Young men were drafted into either the Marines or Army for a two year obligation. Women were exempt from the draft. Although women could join the military as long as they were single and had no dependents. Married men were subject to the draft but married men with children were given deferments.

Times have changed, did the lowering of the discipline bar by the new action Army create a monster. The thought of creating a draft to increase troop numbers would send the American Civil Liberty union along with the liberal democrats into cardiac arrest. The military needed to increase their numbers so the only way to accomplish this was to target single females with dependent. The military had to convince single female’s with dependents that they changed their attitude from hard core to family friendly. Perhaps the military was forced to implement programs that created a situation that made conditions worse. Now that they created this ugly monster, they don’t know how to make things right. Now other single mothers like Specialist Hutchinson are refusing to report for deployment because they can’t bear leaving their sons or daughters for a whole year. They are surprised by the hard core attitude of the new family friendly Army. This wasn’t what they signed up for.

The overwhelming question now is; should the military take a hard line and tell these single mothers that the family friendly Army is once again hard core? Or will the military live up to their family friendly approach and give the mothers a special deferment and award them a special pass to avoid or delay deployment.

What ever the decision is, they will open up a giant can of worms. Now, Let’s assume that you are the decision maker, what approach would you take? Will you give them a special deferment or will you force them to report for deployment as ordered, no way out? Also, if they fail to report as ordered what should be the punishment?

Calling on all readers, you be the judge. Provide a short comment on what you would do if you had the power to make the decision. Would you provide a deferment or offer an alternative date for deployment? Would you force them to report for deployment regardless of their problems?

If they failed to report what punishment would you administer? Would you kick them out with a bad conduct discharge without any Veterans benefits? Would you put them in confinement, reduce their rank or fine them? What approach would you take, post your comment, The results of the survey/comments will be posted in about a week on .

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  1. johnny d

    Who does she think she is the OBAMA of the chow line? I mean come on, she enlisted,trained to be a super chow line cook,cashed her check,went out to party, got knocked up,and now refuses to go back to work!I mean what the hell are these people thinking?!?! Do you know how many women leave their children with loved ones to serve our country? i dont but i bet its in the thousands.So to THOSE women who do their job I say “THANK YOU”and to miss OBAMA of the chow line I SAY “GO POUND SAND UP YOUR TAIL PIPE,SUCKA”. This one is definately going in my research pile.

  2. Mark

    I love reading stuff like this. Especially when there is information that is not true. First off let me make it known that I am a Paralegal in the United States Army and have deployed before.

    Now the first point that is incorrect is that she refused deployment orders. A Soldier can NOT refuse orders.

    The second point is that the reason she refused deployment orders is because she had nobody to care for her 10 month old son. In the military there is a thing called a Family Care Plan. This document is used to provide proof of ability to have somebody to care for your children if you are called to deploy. If she did not have a valid Family Care Plan she becomes NON-DEPLOYABLE.

    The third point is that she could face possible UCMJ aka Court-Martial. A soldier who can NOT provide a Family Care Plan can NOT be charged for a crime.

    Now with the AWOL charge. This is the only real criminal act she committed. They could charge her with this if they wanted to but it would be a press nightmare for the Army.

    Lastly any Soldier who is required to provide a Family Care Plan could revoke it at any time and would be subject to separation if the command chooses to separate them. Information about Family Care Plans is located in Army Regulation 600-20 Chapter 5.

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