Upset by Bristol’s ‘Dancing’ luck, man shoots TV

November 18th, 2010 by Staff

(MADISON, WIS) — Police say a rural Wisconsin man, with a history of bipolar disorder, blew up his TV with a shotgun because he was angry at what he saw on the TV show “Dancing with the Stars.”

Steven Cowan, 67, was arrested Tuesday morning after officers coaxed him out of his house in Vermont, a rural community near Madison, after he allegedly threatened his wife a shotgun after he blew up the family TV with it.

Cowan, said his wife, came home Monday from a bar and had a beer with dinner before they settled down to watch “Dancing with the Stars.”

When Bristol Palin, the 20-year-old daughter of tea party favorite Sarah Palin, began her routine, Cowan jumped up and began swearing, saying something along the lines of “the (expletive) politics.” His wife said he was angry that a politician’s daughter was dancing on TV even though he felt she didn’t have talent.

Janice Cowan told police her husband left the living room and came back about 20 minutes later with his shotgun, and then “raging,” with his face bright red, blasted the TV into the shards.

She said he then pointed the gun at her and told her to go get his pistols. Janice Cowan ran from the home and went to an attorney’s office, where she phoned police.

4 Responses

  1. Harvey

    this is to stupid to be made up real funny

  2. santa's little helper

    Now I maybe pro 2nd amendment as the next Tom,Dick, and “Dirty” Harry, BUT this guy doesn’t need a firearm and probably car keys as well. Is it just me or if Bristol “Twinkle Toes” Palin would just lose a couple and/or
    get a little toned-up, that she would be suuu-mokin’. Ok, right now all of you have had enough of me and the feeling is truly mutual!

  3. tony

    Your show has become un-listenable

  4. tony

    Liberalism has failed,what a disgrace this President has been.To think all Bubba and his drones can do is whine about Sarah Palin. What a mess

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