Unruly Airport Passenger Fought Police

March 23rd, 2010 by

http://cbs4.com – Police have charged Jones in a violent rampage at Miami International Airport Monday morning where he allegedly attacked two airport employees and then took on a contingent of police officers. When it was over, Jones, an airport worker and two cops were injured.

“It doesn’t seem that there was anything to provoke the attack,” said Miami-Dade detective Aida Fina-Milian.

According to an arrest report, Jones, of Export, PA first attacked airport plumber Medaro Recarte “for unknown reasons.” The report says Jones threw a luggage cart at Recarte, missed, then punched him in the face. Police say Jones then went after another worker, James Barlo, with “clinched fists.” Barlo ran to safety and police were called.

The first officer to arrive ordered Jones to lie down, but the report says he charged at the officer, who tasered him without effect. The officer was punched in the face and suffered a bloody nose. A second officer arrived and joined the fray, injuring his knee.

Police say it took five cops and five taserings to finally bring the violent suspect under control. Arriving paramedics applied pressure to staunch the bleeding from a gash on Jones’ head. The officer who was punched in the face dabbed a handkerchief at his bloody nose, and the other officer who was hurt sat on a baggage carousel, holding an ice pack to his knee.

At a court appearance Monday afternoon Jones’ wife told the judge her husband suffers from bipolar disorder, a mental illness that can cause large mood swings and bizarre behavior when left unchecked. Jones’ wife told the judge her husband has not been taking his medication.

She said he had been on a trip to Costa Rica and was returning to their home near Pittsburgh. She said a friend that Jones was visiting in Costa Rica called her and said he was worried about her husband’s behavior, and concerned he might not be “able to handle the layover” in Miami. She flew to Miami to meet his plane, but was unable to find her husband. She learned later that he had been arrested.

Jones told the judge he is a movie producer who makes up to $8,000 a week. His wife said her husband was delusional. “He’s not a movie producer, he doesn’t make $8,000 a week,” she said. “We are broke. Our checking account is overdrawn.”

The wife said Jones was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2007, and that when he takes his prescribed drugs he is fine.

“He’s not a violent person. In his normal state of mind this would never have happened,” the wife said.

Jones was ordered held on $12,500 bond. The charges against him include battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest with violence, and two counts of assaulting the airport employees.

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