Sickles High School Yearbook Photo

May 18th, 2009 by admin


Uncensored Sickles High School Yearbook Photo – A 16-year-old female student has learned the hard way that she should always leave the house wearing panties with a dress.

“Jennajack” is the name she goes by on many social sites and her yearbook photo reveals a little more than she bargained for.

A Sickles High School Yearbook photo is making news headlines this week.

Thousands of copies of the yearbook have been handed out to the students who attend the high school – and while some say the private, revealed ‘area’ is just merely a shadow, “Jennajack” says it’s the real thing – and it’s embarrassing.

When the 16-year-old was asked if she revealed herself on purpose, she responded: “Absolutely not. It is ridiculously embarrassing.”

The girl’s mother, Jeanette, is requesting the school recall the yearbook and remove the offensive photos. But is this the only photo that she should be worried about? Additional photos have surfaced that allege mother and daughter engage in bong smoking sessions.

11 Responses

  1. Surratt65

    Pottery…I guess she needs to keep her lips sealed about this one.

  2. Dave Kasun

    something should be done to save this poor girls dignity. She will be marked for life. Will be the but of jokes by anyone who has access to any of these yearbooks. Even if the school has to recall all books and have someone ink out this photo. Best thing would be to recall and have the photo retaken.

  3. Rich Kilchrist

    Why did mom let her go to school without underwear? Then now wants the school to pay for reprints of the year book? I guess the mom will want to sue… PUSSIFACTION!!!!

  4. John

    If you don’t want pictures of your woo woo in the public domain, don’t dress like you want a shibby in your arse ..

    High school grls dress like sluts nowadays, blame it on the mother who lets her daughter leave for school like this in the morning.

  5. Christine

    Dave – you’re a dolt. Why should the school pay for a reprint? The kid got a thrill out of flying commando and now has to pay for it – too bad. I don’t buy the pantyline excuse either – What pantylines would there be in a smock dress?!!! If she was so concerned with her dignity she would have kept her cootchie under wraps like a decent girl.

  6. Sickles High School Yearbook Photo | Directory of Clearwater

    [...] This 16 year old girl goes to school wearing a mini skirt  without underwear.  Then she is surprised when she is caught in a picture showing, well you know. Then her mom says how it’s all the school’s fault. Wait a minunite. Did the school know she was showing it all? No. The photographer was looking at the group as a whole. Did he know? Nope.  This girl did not use any her brain.  What kind of up bringing has this girl had? read more below. [...]

  7. John

    She is a moron, just suck it up and take it like a man. we all did stupid things in high school and paid for it. no one has any accountability these days, everyone is looking to blame someone else!, so you screwed up, take it like a man. if you dont want something like this to happen, wear panties you dumb broad.

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  11. Damasco

    The only thing I know is, the picture do show anything at all, it all may just to get attention.
    Can you see anything in this picture at all ?

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