Tyler Clem’s Wild Ride

May 24th, 2010 by admin

Tyler Clem’s goes for a wild ride, but deals with it like a real pro.

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  1. Randie Schlessman

    I don’t see anything wrong with Tyler being a race car driver. With all the safety innovations & inspections done to the cars before every race the sport is safer than school sports or traveling home from school on a bus. Keep on supporting his future in racing. Go Tizzy!

  2. Russ Craig

    Glad you are ok Ty, I raced karts too,(with Paul Tracy), great protection on the kart.

    get back in and go.

    How did Tyler finish the day? what place??

    Goo Tizzy!

  3. bigtima

    they should of showed bubba running in slow motion haha glad your boy is all right though

  4. richard b

    I think someone should show that to Danica, so she can learn from a real racecar driver.Tyler is one tough kid.Keep it Tyler,rock on.

  5. Kribbet

    Damn, that was awesome! I hope Tyler is OK.

  6. Dave Finkelstein

    Hearing Tyler’s comment about his car shows how much fun the little guy is having. You may have a budding Richard Petty on your hands!

  7. Brian

    GO TIZZ……..

  8. Frank the Tank

    Nice! He even wrecks like pro. Way to go Tyler!

  9. Jeremy

    Good work Tizz… get back on the horse and win!!!

  10. Racing Mama

    Tyler & Lasker had a alot in common this weekend. They both flipped. Glad to hear he is ok.

  11. neutron

    Glad Tizzy is OK. Amazing tumble!

    Bubba, you are a great dad, and the time you spend with him today encouraging and supporting is going to pay huge in the long run.

    You can really move when you need to huh? Go fat man!

  12. Five Dollar

    Good thing Bubba put on his brakes about 20 feet out or there would have been a disastrous secondary collision.

  13. Bubba aka Bill

    I fill with any other sport that the risk of getting hurt is higher. In motorsports the safety has been tested improved daily. bubbahas the best of the best in safety gear. All of the saftey gear is the same stuff that nascar uses. my 6 yrold racekart he started last year i have more money into safety gear than the karts worth. we have wreaks we dont have roll cages and we had no one get hurt out of 15 to 20 driver at one time.Bubba your doing the right thing bro Go Tizzy

  14. Mac H. FTE

    Dam Bubba its amazing how fast us fat Dads can move when its our little boys. Glad Tyler is ok that was a scary one for us Dads and a thrill ride for our boys. Oh and where is my swag I ordered and paid for three weeks ago? Get 25 movin half as fast as you were ib the clip and I would have my hat and shirt by now.

  15. Jimmy from PA


  16. Pete S

    TIZZZZZYYY!!!!! that was too cool!!! Glad your ok,now get back after it!

  17. Cornfed

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with Tizz racing!! As long as Bubba is not pushing him against his will!! My kids grew up racing motocross from the time they were 3! My daughter rode a motorcycle before a bicycle! We had “haters” but dam, the kids loved it so we let them! Great job Tizzy and keep up the good work!!

  18. StonedCrab

    LOL, Howard just called DCF on Bubba!
    Way to go Tyler! That’s one way to get Bubba some exercise!

  19. Kevin

    OMG! its a go cart. Bubbas fat as was goin faster than the damn carts

  20. Ray White

    Tizzy should have gotten out and given a double bubba salute!!!

  21. Pam

    Great Job Tizzzz! Builds character, just a mere bump in the road! Keep shakin it off and have FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. chris

    Bubba Man you have some white ass legs.THinnk its great that he does with his son.no matter what happens in there life time they always have these great times.

  23. FTE Doughboy

    MAN!!………Tizzy is DA MAN!! Simply amazing that he was able to step out of that and shake it off!! Hopefully he is good mentally so he can continue racing!

  24. CJS Racing

    Show this to spice over and over again. being a father is not to “one up” the mom, its being there for your son. being a father gives amazing strength to any man, case in point, look at bubba run!!!LET THE KIDS RACE!!!!
    come to Ohsweken Bubba, and run with the WoO Latemodels or sprints in Canada!!

  25. Marty

    Wow, what a spill for the little guy!! Glad the Tizz is all right… and Keep on racing!!!!

  26. citihik

    Just like Daddy

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