Toys For Tots Coordinator Accused Of Rape

February 1st, 2011 by Staff

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – The “Toys For Tots” coordinator for Brevard County has been accused of raping a teenager.
Derek Walls has long been involved with teenagers in the community. He was arrested Friday at his Port Saint John home.
In addition to “Toys For Tots”, he runs a search and rescue organization for teens interested in the armed forces and he owns a paintball store on Merritt Island.
Now he’s been ordered to stay away from anyone under 18 years of age, after Brevard County detectives accused him of raping a 16-year old girl and holding her against her will.
“As the night went on, he eventually had sexual relations with her that were not consensual,” said Lt. Tod Goodyear of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.
The teenager worked as a cadet at Florida Search and Rescue Corps.
The incident happened at the end of December, but was reported just two weeks ago.
“There’s a lot of trust involved between the family and he. So the parents felt comfortable with letting her go over to his house,” said Goodyear.
Detectives said the girl thought other teenagers would be at Walls home that night. She had no way of calling for help because she didn’t have a cell phone, and a land line in the home was turned off.
Lt. Goodyear said Walls hasn’t admitted to the crime, and no other victims have come forward.
“It is concerning to us that he has access to children,” said Goodyear.
Investigators are trying to figure out if there are any more victims because he had so much contact with children.
Detectives want to speak with the parents of kids who has contact with him.

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  1. Alicia J

    This is crap!!! I am sorry i have known this man for over half my life. i was 12 when i met him and i am not 26. He is the most caring, selfless person i have ever known. To know Derek Walls is a privilege. Derek has dedicated his life to helping our brevard county youth, sheriffs office and families around Christams are not financially able to provide their children with a good Christmas. He has pushed toys for tots in this county because he believes that no child should go without opening a gift on christmas morning and be sad that that have nothing. If it was not for this man my brother and i would not be as close as we are. There where times where my brother would get into trouble and Derek Walls was always there to help out my family and me, if not for his program i honestly dont think that my brother and i would not be here this day. so anyone who does not know this man needs to get their facts straight before they judge someone. i suggest if you do not know this man or anything about what he has done for this county, to keep your mouth shut. You cant judge someone you have never met before in youur life and just see a story.

  2. jeni ann kingsley

    My name is Jeni Kingsley and I am a SAR corp mom who supports Derek Walls 100%. my son has been going to SAR corp for 14 months and I know he is incapable of doing anything to hurt anyone. This is a man who served his country as a United States Marine. He has dedicated his life to serving his country, and his community. He has been doing the SAR corp program in Merritt Island for 18 years, the Brevard county Toys for Tots program for 13 years and a close friend and hero to many for his entire adult life. I have a face book page under Jeni Kingsley entirely dedicated to supporting him. On that page are hundreds of people who support him and have posted their stories about how he has touched their lives. I also have a myspace page supporting him it is .

    Here is my story I met Col. at a Toys for Tots disterbution day in December 2009. I asked him if he knew of any programs to help parents with difficult children and he told me about the SAR program. He invited us to join them at SAR and to see if it was a program that I thought would help my son. My son started the program the first thursday in January 2010 and has been going every week since. My son went from a disrespectful, ungratefull child who was getting into trouble at school for cursing at teachers and fighting constantly to a well rounded respectful young man who is no longer fight or cursing at people and is now an honor roll student. Col.Walls and his program saved my son. I don’t see how anyone can even consider the insane accusation that he would do something like this to anyone. Don’t you think if he was like this it would have come up long before now considering that he has been around kids his entire adult life.

  3. alex

    to all these sick individuals supporting this RAPIST F. Honestly SCREW YOU! you are a part of the problem you are the reason why young girls are so scared to come forward!Its disgusting how you people actually support him. THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT! You simplistic people don’t realize that over 70% of the time the victims KNOW their assailants. Meaning that they are acquainted, know and TRUST them. SO get over the whole notion that rapist are random individuals who pop up out of nowhere. Also over 60% of these incidents go unreported probably because the victims are so scared to face the scrutiny of moronic people who come to the defense of these rapists because “they know him so well”.

  4. alex

    PS- If this man WASN’T a Marine or worked organizations such as toys for tots I HIGHLY doubt anyone would be coming to this creatures defense. WAKE UP PEOPLE just because you served in the armed forced does not automatically make you a “good person”.

  5. jeni ann

    you know what Alex maybe you woke up in russia this morning but I know I didn’t In America it is INNOCENT until proven guilty not the other way around. Just because you think he did it doesn’t make you right. and If he was a rapist why has only one person EVER accused him of it. I’ll tell you why it’s because he’s not a rapist. OMG you act just like the south bound end of a north bound mule. You THINK you know everything but in reality you know NOTHING. Weather he was a part of these programs or not I WOULD still be standing up for him and so would the thousands of others that are standing up for him right now. haven’t you figured out by now its not about what he does it is about who he is and raping a little girl is NOT in his moral fiber. So why don’t you go crawl back under the rock you came out from under and cry yourself a river cause no one wants to hear your mouth. he is INNOCENT until prooven guilty in a court of law. PERIOD,PARAGRAPH, END of Story

  6. Adrian

    I agree with Alex! you seem to think because you “know” someone they are incapable of a horrendous act. Well My dad was a boy scout leader, won father of the year and pillar of the community! oh yeah he was a child rapist. He raped me my brother my sisters and other cousins and grandchildren not to mention the boys he may have molested as a scout leader. You dont know squat about anyone and a child needs to be heard. If its wrong and he is innocent then yeah this child is reacting to someting. But if she is right and all you who think you know this man will have to apologize to her! You dont know anything about anyone and if you think you do well then call yourself future victims

  7. jeniann

    Adrian I am truly sorry to hear that you were a victim of such a horrendous crime. I truly am, however just because you were a victim doesn’t mean that this girl is. I happen to know more of the story than most others do. I also know more than most what it is to be a victim of this crime. I am not saying blindly that he is innocent. I know first hand how victims react to such things I know things that the “allegded” victim did after this “allegded” crime happened and if you knew these things then maybe you wouldn’t be so quick to judge and condem.

  8. jeniann

    We are having fundraisers and support derek days in April please visit the support Derek page on facebook (jeni kingsley) to see the event page and come out and have fun helping support an innocent amn who has been a hero in this community for many years. He also has other support pages they are
    suportderekwalls on twitter
    sar corp on face book

    Please check out these pages and see what kind of a man Derek Walls really is. He is not the monster certain people are making him out to be. He is actually a hero to hundreds of people in this community. Those of us how know him know that he couldn’t have done these horrendous things he is being accused of. We all ♥ him and you knew him you would too.

  9. Cristal

    To all of u who supported that sick disgusting pig, shame on you. What if it were YOUR daughter, sister, cousin, mother, who was raped? Your ignorant and I feel sorry for you people. I can’t wait till they find him guilty and the prisonmates get a hold of him. He’s a disgrace and naive to think he won’t be caught. God knows the truth, he’ll take care of this in the end. And for you all supporting him justice will be served and you will ALL eat ur words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. jeni ann kingsley

    I am very proud and happy to report that on July 22, 2011 the clerk of courts website confirmed what all of Derek’s supporters knew was going to happen from the start. ALL charges have been dropped/abandoned. Everyone who knows Derek knows that he is not ccappable of doing what he was accused and we are happy to report that the state of Florida realizes it as well.

  11. jeni ann kingsley

    Back on January 21, 2011 you ran a story about Derek Walls stating that he was accused of rape. The state of florida’s clerk of courts website posted last friday that all charges were dropped/abandoned. My question is why aren’t you running a story about that. This man has done so many things to help this community for instance he has been running a program call S.A.R. for the last 18 years and has been the coordinator for brevard county toys for tots program for the last 13 years. He has and will continue to be a upstanding member of the community for many, many years now and the media trashed him when the unfounded allegations came out. Now I want to know what the media has to say about everything being dropped. You were all quick to judge him when he was accused but are you willing to be just as quick to admit that you were wrong and give him just as much press now as you did back in january? I personally think you should. Give him a chance to show you what he is all about. Give the people who have been supporting him since day one a chance to tell you what and who he really is. Not one station or newspapaer talked to anyone that supported him. So why not give them the chance to tell their side. The media was invited to the fundraisers that were held in support of him. None showed up. I am an avid supporter of Derek Walls and I know many many people like myself that would love for the media to give him as much publicity now that everything is dropped that they did when he was accused. Now lets see if you have what it takes to show this community the good side of people.

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