Toyota’s Sponsafier

February 22nd, 2010 by

The NASCAR-themed Internet contest “Toyota’s Sponsafier,” is where you can design your own car and see it as the pace car before the All-Star Race in Charlotte. Here a user submitted entry to that contest!

18 Responses

  1. Angie

    LOVE IT!

  2. Jay

    So far 61 votes

  3. jeff

    on air only

  4. Scorch

    I’d love to see that on the track!!!!1 To bad like everything else voting based in Nascar its a huge work. The Kyle Busch pony&hugs car has 36109 as of right now…. Can you say work!? That’s bullshiz with a Z! Say it!!

  5. scott meisinger

    i hope we win but its not gonna happen unless we step it up there is a car on there with 36118 votes and 4 days left.its the hugs and kittens car. i have missed the last two weeks of shows so if this has been talked about im sorry. i just voted for the bubba army car and it has 92 votes.i will vote every day. bubba you gotta get the army on this.

  6. billy

    does anybody know the link to the car

  7. jeff

    looks great love to see it on the track.

  8. dave


  9. Cunty McShitballs

    Nice. Jap shitmobile for the “Bubba Army” Just shows what a bunch of marks you silly hillbillys are. Keep it real, rednecks!

  10. Cunty McShitballs

    Nice forum BTLS faggots. Can’t let a post stand that doesn’t fellate your idiocy.

    Looks like the knee-pad knob slobbers are doing the heavy work for the fat man.

  11. Michael

    Oh God…Yesh!!! too bad it’s a toyota!!!

  12. Luc B

    Love IT !!!!!!!!!
    Ned should drive it at the race

  13. Bubba Navy

  14. yellow bird jones
    the car is a little different doesnt have pics on it

  15. ed

    can some post the link to the car please

  16. tim

    how do u save a copy and remove a picture of your car once youve designed one?

  17. doc_ed

    come on guys vote vote vote

  18. Ron420Ron

    Bubba Army car needs to win this. The Busch brothers are a couple of assbuckets!!!

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