Tony Dungy: Michael Vick ‘Deserves a Second Chance’

May 21st, 2009 by admin

Former Colts coach Tony Dungy has endorsed a “second chance in life” for Michael Vick in an article in a new edition of Sports Illustrated.

Dungy visited with Vick in prison this month, part of a ministry he’s embarked on since retiring from coaching.

The former coach asked if Vick’s lack of paternal guidance growing up had an effect on him allowing negative influences to affect his judgments. But he said he’s convinced Vick deserves an opportunity to rebuild his life and potentially his career in the NFL.

Commissioner Roger Goodell said Tuesday he is reaching out to Dungy to solicit his input on Vick. Goodell will decide whether to reinstate Vick to the league.

Dungy stopped short of saying he wants to see Vick play in the league again. Here’s a selection from his article:
“Michael’s future, just like those of thousands of other inmates around the country, is worth saving. Michael came into the NFL with a lot more fanfare than Josh Freeman but with less guidance. Does that excuse some of the mistakes he’s made? No. And Michael certainly had the benefit of many support people in college and the NFL. But our decision-making processes are formed much earlier than that.

“I firmly believe Michael deserves a second chance in life. I understand how appalling dog fighting is, and in no way do I condone it. But he was given a punishment that the court deemed appropriate, and now he exits prison having paid for that crime. It’s time to let him bounce back after that loss. If we are willing to forgive Michael and take an honest look at the person who is leaving that prison, we might be surprised at what we see. We might see a man who says ‘I’m sorry’ with his actions and not just his words. We might see a man who wants to get back to his three children and stop the cycle of young people growing up without a father to help them.

“Least important, we might see him play football again. I’m not sure of the Michael Vick we would see on the field, but I believe we would see a very different person off the field. That’s what would be exciting to me.”

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  1. Rosa

    I agree, he has served his time and deserves to try to achieve his goals again, polls show most Americans agree:
    So far he is saying “I’m sorry” with his action, he has committed to working with the Humane Society to work against the dogfighting trade long term. Though I don’t think we will see him on the field until at least next year.

  2. Truth

    It’s so-so. I get it, it’s just How One could get this chance. Only in the NFL could morons f**k up and get to keep there jobs. And How People of Atlanta think the Falkcons treated him unfair becuase he’s Black. Bullsh*t! He had Millions and thought he was still a broke thug so he ran a Dog fighting ring. He killed Dogs, and lied about it all. Why do people Baby dumb people with money and talent. He is not Sorry for what he Did. He’s a Kid just like his Dumber brother. And Sapp is a fat idiot anyway. I hate to be a hater but whatever, give him his chance I guess, It’s Football right. Who Cares about the crimes and stupidity, I want to see big plays on the field.

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