Toddlers Found Wandering in Tampa Traffic

June 5th, 2009 by admin

TAMPA – With no adult supervision, three toddlers — a 1 year old girl and two boys ages 2 and 3 — were found wandering the streets on Himes Avenue just beneath the Crosstown Expressway Thursday.

Tampa Police say a good Samaritan spotted the kids and pulled them to safety.

“It looked like they were running out on the street, and the bystanders said they had pulled over because they had noticed the kids playing on the street and pulled on the side of the road. They did a great job,” said Chris Bruns from Tampa Fire Rescue.

Right around that time Tampa Fire Rescue were driving by.

They quickly realized something wasn’t right and stopped to help.

Rescuers say the kids were scared and filthy.

“The kids were just covered in this stucco material with fecal matter also showing in their diapers, said Bruns.

The kids had apparently been playing in concrete powder, in the backyard and may have ingested some of it.

Investigators tracked down the children’s mothers.

Both women thought the other was watching the kids, when they fell asleep.

With no one to stop them, Lt. Rocky Ratlif said the kids slipped out of the house.

“The kids are in good condition. They were transported to Tampa General Hospital just to get checked out cause they had some dirt and stuff on them, so they were transported to get checked out, ” said Ratlif.

Tampa police say no one will be arrested, and so far no charges have been filed against the two mothers.

The Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office handles child neglect investigations.

A spokesperson says, in most cases, a close relative is granted temporary custody of the children until the investigation is complete.

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  1. 49 cent

    This is a new type of bowling, popular in the Tampa area.

  2. Common Sense

    These kids have a bright future as traffic cops. Ending tax
    breaks for breeders with an I.Q. below 110 + ending
    welfare because it encourages retards to breed = my name

  3. C~A

    This is utterly horrifying! Those children could of been killed, kidnapped or seriously injured! Babies!!! How can you be that stupid as to “think” the other mother was watching without double and triple checking for sure…obviously neither mother cared enough to make sure since either mother asked and both went to sleep! They should NOT have custody of these children until a serious investigation is conducted. I imagine there will be alot more uncovered on both these so called “mothers”…

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