Toddler found dead in trash can

October 16th, 2009 by

PENSACOLA, Fla. – The Escambia County Florida Sheriff’s Office says a woman left her young children alone for three days, with nothing but Jello to eat, and no running water or electricity.

Sheriff David Morgan said the children’s mother, 21-year-old Christian Woods, called to report her 18-month-old daughter Myleahya, missing on October 12. deputies followed up on all leads Woods gave them, but couldn’t find the toddler.

Investigators were called in, and were able to get hold of a relative. They gave investigators Woods’ address on Scotland Circle. That’s when deputies found two children in what they called deplorable conditions.

Deputies say the home was filthy, and roaches were visible.

They found a two-year-old boy, Jaterius, in the house, which had no electricity and no running water. Investigators say his diaper was full, and hadn’t been changed for some time. They added he had a bruise on his head, and was severely malnourished.

Myleahya’s twin sister, Mykayla, was found under a bed in the home. Investigators initially thought she was dead, until they saw her eyelids flutter. She was also malnourished.

Deputies then made a gruesome discovery. The body of little Myleahya Woods was found in a garbage can.

Woods then told authorities she had faked the missing person call. She told them she had gone to Mobile on Saturday and left all three children alone in the house. Woods told investigators that when she got back home Monday morning, she found Myleahya dead. She said she put her in a garbage can, and made the false call.

Woods was arrested and charged two counts of aggravated child abuse, and one count of manslaughter.

Bond has been set at $1 million for Christian Woods. $500,000 is for the manslaughter charge, and $250,000 goes to each of the two children found alive.

An autopsy is being conducted on Myleahya. Authorities say the 18-month-old weighed only 11 pounds at the time of her death.

They also found food in the pantry and fridge at the house, but say Woods didn’t leave any within reach for the children.

Deputies are still trying to figure out where Woods was during the time the children were left alone. They believe she was either at a house nearby, or in Mobile working.

Her family members had no idea what was going on with Woods or the children. They said she never asked for help from anyone.

Woods’ next court appearance is November 6.

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  1. salty mullet

    we need to bring back ol sparky

  2. amanda hardee

    She is a sorry excuse of a mother. She needs to be starved to death. I bet she gets food stamps and section 8 housing. By the looks of her, she looks well fed. People need a license to catch a fish, but any dumb boobely can squirt out a kid and treat it worse than animal. I think parents should have to take competancey tests, as well as criminal background checks before having a child. If parents are found unfit, the punishment… forced sterilization.

  3. Susan

    I am with Amanda…..digusting and the worst thing is we will now be paying to feed this piece of shiz!

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  5. Shelly Johnnson

    WOW!!! Really?? WTF is this world coming to??? STOP HAVING KID’S IDIOTS!!!! EVERYONE that wants to have children need’s to be schooled on parenting!!! That is so sad. Them poor children.. The mother needs to starve to death herself!!!

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