TNA Reaction Sneak Peek

April 12th, 2010 by

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  1. btlsfte

    Wheres Bubba

  2. guttermouth

    sorry about your DAMN luck weak azz WWE!!!

  3. guttermouth

    TNA knockouts wrestling/T and A >>> WWE divas

  4. stanomano

    gay. this stuff is cool if your under 10 years old.only 20% of listeners like this crap. we all know its your show so do what you want. keep ignoring callers and e-mails and half of the on air guys. if you wanna be on tv and do a reality show and we will all watch. love the show…………………………. except wrestling

  5. will

    bubba splash of the 1st rope kill em bubba

  6. Dick Bukaki

    i shit in my pants last night because i was watching TNA i didn’t want to go to the bathroom and miss any action.

  7. Todd

    I am amazed that Bubba spends so much time on wrestling, I dont know anybody that actually watches it anymore, we all watched as children, but not as adults, seriously Bubba stop with the wrestling.

  8. Spice jones

    TNA is getting a bit better. The whole team hogan – team flair deal is awesome.

  9. Ryan

    Bubba, F the haters ! You are a great addition to TNA. If any of your listeners are true fans of yours they would know how you have been involved in the wrestling world. Love ya in a non f****t way !

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