Tito Ortiz Full Frontal Photo

June 6th, 2011 by Staff

Click Here to View Tito Ortiz’s Full Frontal Photo

www.tmz.com – The photo surfaced just a few hours ago — when it was uploaded to Tito’s personal photo-sharing website … which is connected through his Twitter page.

The photo appears to be a naked self-portrait shot with a cell phone. And let’s just say … there’s a reason he had to shoot from such a wide angle.

Moments ago, Tito tweeted, “Someone hack my f**king phone.”

5 Responses

  1. Matt young

    Man he was playing with that shizz before he took that fing pic. He’s a dumbass

  2. Laura

    Sorry to tell you, Bubba, but I’m a woman and have been with a few guys who are at least that big. I think it’s not that uncommon. Hope I didn’t ruin your day.

  3. tom

    went to the race on saturday night.My wife,grandaughter,and
    I had a grate time. we attended the may 13 race and had a realm nice to to one of the best anniversrys we have ever had. My wife would like to thank Mr Hogan and his girl, for
    being so kind to her andn our grandaughter for taking time to talk to them and attemt to shake hands . She was just overwelmed with how tall he was . thanks for the good time.

  4. Kv

    I know at a normal trouser drop it’s nothing to write home about. But after I have sex, I can hang pretty impressive for about 5 minutes. So that’s MY theory and if I was gonna leak a dick pic that’s when I’d let the photos session begin.

  5. Aaron

    Bubba, if your smaller then that full give your wife my number. Does it hurt when you cum?

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