Tim Tebow a virgin

July 27th, 2009 by


Florida quarterback Tim Tebow is a virgin.

We know this because a Fanhouse reporter decided the sex life of a college quarterback is appropriate football fodder, despite his colleague’s impassioned chiding of exactly that type of ‘sports’ journalism.

With a laugh, a quip and the words, “Yes, I am,” Tebow became perhaps the only college kid in the country who will be asked in a public forum to discuss such a private matter.

To Tebow’s credit, he didn’t shy away from it or Rosenhaus it. He’s a proud Christian, determined to be a role model for fans and fellow players. He’s never avoided talking about his faith, and by all accounts he’s someone who talks the talk and walks the walk. He calls reporters, “sir” and “ma’am.” He says “please” and “thank you.” And it’s all Southern gentlemanly genuine.

Big 10 Media Day is July 27 here in Chciago, and I can guarantee you that no one will ask Terrelle Pryor, Evan Royster, Juice Williams, Brandon Minor or any player in attendance whether they’ve had sex — especially if this precedent hadn’t been set.

Was the Fanhouse question inappropriate? That’s for Tebow to decide — and it seems that he decided it wasn’t or he wouldn’t have answered it.

But the ‘have you had sex?’ question is something you ask your buddy — maybe. And Tim Tebow is not buddies with any Fanhouse reporter.

What if Tebow’s answer was ‘no’? People would go insane. Questions of how often and with whom would sprout up — not to mention that he’d be called a hypocrite by folks who have no business calling anyone a hypocrite.

Tim Tebow doesn’t need to be held to the standards of his religious beliefs by the national media. The national media has only the right to hold him to the standard set forth by the NCAA and University of Florida.

Singling out a player in a press conference based on his religious beliefs is a dangerous and awkward practice — especially at the college level when these guys are facing enough stress and pressure on and off the field.

And it’s simply none of our business.

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  1. Adrian

    This is a joke! Anyone in their right mind that believes Tebow’s answer is an idiot. Tebow is probably in the top 5 of best college quarterbacks ever, and he’s not gettin some ass on the side….man please!!!

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