Tiger Woods will be better than ever when he returns to golf, Brett Ogle says

February 4th, 2010 by

www.foxsports.com – Tiger Woods will return from his “indefinite break” from professional golf. That’s not in doubt. He will put his tawdry sex scandal behind him.

But how will he return? Will he be the same dominant golfer? The Man? A player who’s reputation cows opponents?

Will the lingering fallout of his philandering have an effect on his ability to play golf?

“Absolutely, he will be the same player he was before,” Fox Sports golf commentator Brett Ogle says of Woods’s future on the links.

“He’s a strong-minded guy, he’s very strong-willed, and I suspect he will just pick up where he left off.

“I don’t see the scandal surrounding him ruining his golf ability or ruining his career at all.

“He needs to get his life organised, obviously.

“But (Woods’s wife) Elin (Nordegren) is reported to have withdrawn her divorce lawyers, so Tiger being in rehab may have changed things a little bit – which is good for us in the world of golf.”

Ogle believes Woods might be set for a stellar 2010 season, noting the world No.1 has enjoyed title success at three of the year’s Major venues.

“Tiger’s won the Masters at Augusta four times,” Ogle says.

“Pebble Beach, which hosts the US Open this year, he won the US Open there in 2000 by 15 shots.

“And the Open Championship at St Andrews, he’s won there twice …

“So three of the Majors this year are on courses where Tiger has won seven of his 14 Major titles.”

Ogle isn’t sure he can guess Woods’s date of return, apart from suggesting that he will play before the Masters at Augusta from April 8.

“Whether he returns at the Accenture World Match Play, only Tiger and his management will know,” Ogle says.

“Or possibly just Tiger, in his own mind, knows when he’ll come back.

“But my feeling is it may be a little too soon.

“I don’t know about the Accenture Match Play because that’s coming up in a couple of weeks; I don’t know whether Mark Hayes is clutching at straws.

“My big thing is about the Majors this year, and Tiger really needs to get his life in order to prepare for those.”

Woods, perhaps, also has to prepare for an uncertain reception once he returns to the professional tour, Ogle says.

“I think Tiger-lovers will always love Tiger, and Tiger non-lovers will frown upon what he’s done,” Ogle says.

“Philandering is commonplace in sport and life – high-profile businesspoeople, high-profile sports stars; philandering is not something that only Tiger is guilty of.

“But there will be a lot of people will frown upon him.

“And a lot of players may not have the same respect for him.”

Ogle, however, remains firmly in the “Tiger Lovers” camp.

“I don’t condone what he’s done,” he says.

“But his ability on the golf course won’t change for me. And the thing I’ve had for Tiger since he emerged as a great golfer, that he’s a great guy, that won’t change either.

“What he did, I don’t agree with. But the fallout can be managed. The situation can be fixed.

“And let’s hope, in closing on that, that Tiger is, how do you say, “cured”, and loves the one lady he married.”

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