Tiger Woods has a new girlfriend… a 22-year-old student that was arrested on suspicion of DUI

March 21st, 2011 by Staff

www.dailymail.co.uk — Tiger Woods has reportedly jumped back into the dating pool and is seeing a 22-year-old student who looks just like his ex-wife Elin Nordegren.

But Alyse Lahti Johnston who is 13 years younger than the golfer also has a checkered past – she was arrested on suspicion of DUI last year.
The University student and budding golfer has been been spending a lot of time with Woods in recent weeks.
Johnston’s father is an executive at IMG which is the sports agency that represents Woods.
A source told TerezOwens, a leading sports blog, that the the two have been seeing each other for a few months now and have been spotted on Woods’ yacht.

They were apparently there with another couple and he is said to be smitten with her.
But it seems that Woods’ new girl is a class act like the stream of mistresses that came out of the woodwork two years ago leading to the implosion of his marriage.

A mug shot of Johnston stemming from her DUI arrest on October 9 last year by police in Orlando, Florida shows she looked a bit worse for wear on the date she was pulled over.

However, a lesser charge of Reckless Driving, a first degree misdemeanor, was brought against her on December 10. She was represented by a high-profile Florida attorney.

She pleaded no contest to the charge and an adjudication was pending until she met several condition.
Johnston was ordered to undertake a DUI Counter Attack Schoool and a Victims Awareness Program.
She was also obligated to obtain a substance abuse evaluation and report to probation.
Her final charge was Improper Change of Lane when she went back to court on January 21 and the case has now been closed.
The blonde beauty is originally from Cleveland, Ohio but is now living in Florida
She is reportedly attending the Ohio-based Northwood University which has a campus in West Palm Beach, Florida – near Tiger’s new $60million bachelor pad.

Johnston’s biological father is former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Jeff Lahti, according to RadarOnline.
Her stepfather Alistair Johnston is a high-ranking executive for IMG.
Mr Johnston and Alyse’s mother reside for half of the year at their estate in Windermere, Flordia – the same exclusive area where Woods has a home.
And it seems she wants to follow in Woods’ steps and become a golfer. She is apparently training for the LGPA Tour, a source told RadarOnline.

‘Her stepdad hired a coach for her’, the source said. ‘He introduced her to Tiger’.
Woods’ five-year marriage was left in tatters in 2009, exposed after a bizarre November 27 car crash outside his mansion in Windermere, Orlando.
Numerous women then came out of the woodwork claiming to have adulterous affairs with the sports star.
Former swimwear model Elin Nordegren quickly ditched her wedding ring – and later filed for divorce which is rumoured to have cost Woods $100 million.

Speaking about her relationship with the golfer, she said she felt ‘blindsided’ and ‘embarrassed’ when she found out about his multiple infidelities.

She said: ‘I never suspected. For the last three-and-a-half years, when all this was going on, I was home a lot more with pregnancies, then the children and my school.

The world’s richest sportsman admitted being a single father is tough on Good Morning America.

But the shamed golf star has admitted he loves being with his son and daughter following his high profile marriage split. ‘It’s work, there’s no doubt,’ he said.

‘It’s tough. But it’s enjoyable. That’s the work I love.’

Woods, who has failed to capture his best form on the golf course since his private life imploded, did not speak about the marriage split but concentrated on his new life as a single dad.

But it seems he has also been making time for his love-life with his new young girlfriend.

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    Oh and by the way…..I canceled my Sirius subscription once I learned Bubba and the gang wouldn’t be returning.

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    She looks like a typical white trash gold diggin ho..

    Better spray her down with Lysol before touching…Geeeez

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