Three arrested in ‘ginger-bashing’ at California school

December 2nd, 2009 by

LOS ANGELES — Three children at a California school may face criminal charges for allegedly bullying redheaded students following an Internet-based “Kick a Ginger Day,” police said Tuesday.
Three boys — a 13-year-old and two 12-year-olds — from A.E. Wright Middle School in Calabasas were detained last week and booked for misdemeanors, according to Steve Whitmore of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s department.
The older boy was detained and booked on suspicion of “threatening to inflict injury by means of electronic communication — commonly known as cyber bullying,” Whitmore said. The younger boys were booked on suspicion of “battery on school property,” he added.
Seven children — four boys and three girls — were targeted in the attacks according to police, which were motivated by “Kick a Ginger Day”, an online spoof reputedly inspired by a 2005 episode of the adult oriented “South Park” animated series which satirized racial intolerance.
Las Virgenes School District Superintendent Donald Zimring told a press conference on Monday that the school where the incidents took place had 926 “really terrific children” with a handful who did “a dumb thing.
The superintendent stressed initial reports suggesting some of the victims suffered broken bones were inaccurate.
“That doesn’t make it insignificant, but it didn’t rise to having a broke arm or a beating,” Zimring said.
“We had some kids who made a very poor decision. They thought they were playacting, or just having a joke. These youngsters did not understand the ramifications or the consequences.”

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  1. Stupid Monkey

    Whatever. Blame their parents for letting them watch south park lol. Great show, just some of the idiots or ignorant kids might get the wrong ideas. See how Cartman can influence kids, now keep them away from the episode where Cartman becomes hitler telling people jews are bad…the one about mel gibson lol. Atleast there was no Hot Lava lol. Anyway, those kids are in trouble.

    And Remember Scott Tinnerman and the Bowl Of Chilli? Classic evil Cartman

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