This is the dead manatee that had washed up against Bubbas dock.

September 4th, 2012 by Staff

This is the dead manatee that had washed up against Bubbas dock.


Brents Chin

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  1. Jason

    It’s not the blowhole it’s a buthole sorry bubba

  2. dick lynch

    Awesome show

  3. mark bennett

    Dam brent thout u learned ur lesson by now lol. Hope you get better soon brother. Semperfi

  4. Scott

    Hey Bubba,
    I work for the State of Florida as a Park Ranger. The manatee is a large female and probably died from a boat strike. Most of these deaths are caused by poor boating skills by people in rental boats! Did she have any babies around her? They just gave birth to new calfs last month.
    You might watch for small ones in the area for the next week or so!

  5. Peter

    It’s not a Manatee, it’s a whale. The black stripes are a dead give-a-way

  6. Billy Schimpf

    call in the “Gash Hounds”

  7. Ashley

    It is a U/G opening. In this case it is a female, Because it is closer to the anus. I love the show and I hope this helps!

  8. Ashley

    Here is a link to the anatomy of the sea cow.

  9. Ray

    Thats what Brent gets for head butting a manatee. Good job Brent.

  10. Skip

    Wire your jaw shut, thats s good way to loose wheight, get better soon!!

  11. Kirkwood

    Brent CURBED himself after that PITIFUL Gator Game.
    “KEEP YOUR CHIN UP BRENT” ……haha haha…

  12. Karl

    Brent FINALLY won a fight.

  13. Diana

    Poor manatee. Love mammals, dolphins r my favorite.
    Ouch, hope Brent feels better.
    Any free t shirts? Great show, n staff/team. Listen daily.

  14. Diana

    I feel bad for the manatee, hope her babies r ok.
    Ouch, hope Brent feels better.
    Listen daily, great show n staff. Any free t shirts in xl pls? Ty.

  15. Fatass

    Looks like Brent is the one with a blowhole.

  16. Bill Maher wannabe

    Oh, the hu-manatee! Sorry. I haven’t had my coffee, cigarette, and Wheaties yet.

  17. BuddyLee

    Looks like an opportunity for some manatee sushi

  18. Gina

    Manswers on Spike taught me, The one animal that has a similar vagina to a human is related to the manatee. So there you go Ned.

  19. Bill Maher wannabe

    I hope no one mentions to Brent that a dead fish took top billing over his probably permanent facial scarring. Anyone who mentions it to him is very insensitive.

  20. Lou Santorello

    Brent Amanda sust u up or are u trying muiti

  21. Stiff Jab

    Wake up call Brent. Sober up Dude!

  22. Rodney Robiza

    Wow – Ned must have a Bop-O-Nop-E-Rop over that snizz.

  23. billy gunn

    See Brent, mess with me , get your ass whipped, just kidding brother, hope you get better soon, nothing but love

  24. Bill

    I bet he showed that curb 23 seconds of pain.

  25. Steve

    That’s not a Manatee, you are looking in the Mirror Fat Ass, Just kidding, Love you guy’s in a non faggot way!

  26. Big Irish

    Hey Buba, I missed a week and a half of your show, what happend to Brent and where is 25??, I love that guy.
    Big Irish

  27. Travis

    It’s trying to mimic you, washed up and bloated

  28. Tiffany Sibole

    Manatees have been here for thousnads of years, and the Spanish did not bring them over here. They were already here when Columbus arrived, and that is when he started the legend of the mermaid. Poor manatee. Yay Sirenia.

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