This is how Ned gets off the flat bed

December 6th, 2010 by Staff

9 Responses

  1. booey bomberr

    neds one liners rule. ned dragons

  2. joe perry

    i heard that was really Manson’s father-n-law

  3. greg


  4. need contract

    Stop being a tool Manson is Ned. Talk about the worst work on the show.

  5. bubba's wife

    That guy is such a chester.

  6. Bryan

    Why don’t you FAGS learn how to work! Who gives a crap who is what! Funny is Funny my friends….

  7. Roadmagnet

    Why do people really care if Ned is real or just a character? The end result is usually laughter.

  8. jfizzle003

    Manson is Ned,and yes that is his Father in Law.If you listen to the show, you hear Bubba saying that Mansons’ wife Donna will be Neds handler at that event and she is always his handler because its her Father! You dumb shits!Notice he never speaks in public.Nor does Manson ever talk to Ned on the show.Ned= ( Non Existing Dude)

  9. Brian

    Listen close after “ready”….sounds nothing like NED. Why? If you ain’t got it figured out I can’t help you.

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