The Photo Of Oksana After She Says Mel Gibson Punched Her In The Mouth

July 16th, 2010 by Staff – It is the photograph everyone has been waiting to see. It is the evidence that could be used to bring criminal charges against Oscar-winner Mel Gibson. In a blockbuster world exclusive, has exclusively obtained a disturbing picture of Oksana Grigorieva taken just hours after she claims Gibson punched her in the face. The photograph is part of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department investigation into the actor for domestic violence. It’s also included in Oksana’s declaration to the court in the estranged couple’s vicious custody battle over their eight-month-old daughter Lucia. The image shows the damage to the Russian-born musician’s front teeth after the couple’s brutal blowout at Mel’s Malibu mansion on January 6. Oksana has told police that Mel punched her in the face while she held their infant daughter Lucia and that the force of his blows broke her teeth and left her with a concussion, has learned exclusively. Oksana’s two upper front teeth are clearly damaged as our world exclusive photo shows.

“Oksana lost a veneer and the right front tooth was severely chipped,” said a source, familiar with the law enforcement investigation.
Dental veneers are custom-designed shells of tooth-like ceramic material. They are bonded to the teeth with various types of resin cement. Veneers can be dislodged only with significant force and that’s exactly how Oksana’s was knocked out in her brutal fight with Mel, sources told

The damage left Oksana in need of urgent medical assistance, she told police probing the case. obtained this evidence after Gibson’s camp issued a carefully word denial that she had suffered the injuries. Mel’s representatives insisted Oksana has provided zero evidence to support her claim that Mel caused damage. “Not true… her teeth are in her mouth according to our information,” one of Mel’s laywers told, last month. But as we exclusively reported Mel admitted to hitting Oksana in an audio recording of a telephone conversation in which the enraged actor says “you f**king deserved it” after she protested that the Braveheart star hit her and broke her teeth.’s world exclusive photograph of the damage to Oksana’s teeth was taken within 24 hours after the fight and is a key piece of evidence in her claim against Gibson. The dentist who repaired the teeth, Dr. Ross Shelden, also took photos of Oksana’s mouth and turned them over to her lawyers. In his declaration, Sheldon said he saw evidence of “blunt force trauma” as well as physical damage. The allegations of violence have been backed up with outrageous audio recordings, obtained and released exclusively by, in which Mel threatens Oksana with physical harm. In one of the taped conversations, an out-of-control Mel is heard yelling: “You need a f **king bat in the side of the head.” Other audio released by has included Mel spewing vile, racist remarks and telling Oksana that she will be raped by a “pack of n***ers.”

In the latest recording released, Mel is heard yelling and demanding sex and threatening to burn the house down. “I deserve to be bl * wn first, before the f **king jacuzzi,” Mel tells Oksana, as he heaves loudly over the phone, later adding: “OK, I’ll burn the goddamn house down but bl*n me first! How dare you?” Oksana is also claiming that the baby — who was two months old at the time of the alleged incident — was hit when Gibson lunged for her. reported exclusively that there are photographs of the baby with a bruise on her face. Oksana also told investigators that Mel, 54, waved a gun in her face after she was beaten by him and tried to get away.

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  1. Hater

    are we sure this is not octo mom?

  2. big dicks wallet

    are we sure this isn’t “pre-dental work”? article says she has veneers…

  3. Daryll

    Ummm, with lips like those wouldn’t she have a cut on her lip or some sort of exterior damage to her mouth? I’m definitely not pro-Mel, but something smells like rotten fish and I’m betting it’s Oksana.

  4. the disney bubba sux

    its a work

  5. karen waters

    mel is right she is a fricking gold digger. may her implants bust he paid for em, she deservese nothing. she is scum

  6. Brad

    Wow,a punch hard enough to chip a tooth and dislodge a veneer but it didn’t split her lip?????? Something is fishy with this photo….

  7. Weedo

    now she has a snaggle tooth bottle opener

  8. fcte389


  9. karlfly

    Those just look like typical bad eastern Euopean teeth to me. It’s fishy to me too, no busted lip, no bruises. Maybe if he was wearing a big ass ring and she had her big DSL’s spread open like they are in the photo?

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