The Lightning Round with Bubba

July 2nd, 2009 by

Watch Bubba tell it like it is, as a side note Bubba wants to know if he has lost any weight from almost a year ago…

The Lightning Round, Wednesday 02, 2009
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The Lightning Round, August 2008
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23 Responses

  1. Fernando

    Let me tell you something darling and I mean this from the bottom of my shoes. You look marvelous, absolutely marvelous
    and it’s better to look good than to feel good if you know what I mean.

  2. ryan mathews

    You’re the best,you should open your own satalite companie cuz sirius thinks they can automaticly Take my hard eaned cash when they want so I’m in sorrow with out you but still bubba army. Don’t forget the ones who love you but can’t stand where your paycheck comes from 10-4

  3. Nolan

    you definately look thinner bubba!!

  4. bring back Lasker

    Bring back Gene Lasker, The show sucks without him.

  5. Chris

    Good job Bubba! They feel the same way but do not have the balls to say it because they are FAKE!!!

  6. Tolar

    Sorry, tons o’ fun, you are still a tubby bastard. Love the show.


  7. Julio C

    Bubba has lost some weight for sure

  8. SpizMark

    Like Ned says, “it’s like throwing a chair off the deck of the Titanic”. Half a chin in one year, come on Bubba it is hard to notice 40lbs when you are 350lbs. Post the picture of when you started at Sirius, now that is a difference.

  9. Jenn

    I can see the weight loss. Keep it up Bubba!

  10. scott m

    yes bubba has lost weight. but please stop talking so much about your sucky mj and other competiters. it really drags down the show we have grown to love. love the friday show on satelight.

  11. Gilman


    Bring back Lasker, adds much more to the show than Brent the no it all.

    24 years on active duty and going for 10 more.

    IRAQ is actually going well, but would never know after listening to your show

  12. Russell

    Look like some weight has come off. Good job! Bring some of the OLD ned Bubba/Hootie burial songs…miss them…Great show..F* LAsker!

  13. tom

    bubba, wtf is going on with you? you look like shit i.e. fatter than a oil tanker and your hair ?????? no wonder your having problems with your wife. ill bet anything spice is waiting for you to drop over so he bang that gold digging wife of yours. get your shit together fat ass.

  14. Steve

    Bubba looking svelt my man, thinin’ it and winnin’ it. Haven’t listened in awhile had to come off the road recently, when my son was hit by a car. He’s fine but, I told him “You’re supposed to be the windshield not the bug my boy.” Too funny watching you make the folks at fox sqwirm. Keep it up and Heather will have to be watchin’ for crickets on your ass again. Steve (Alberta, Canada)

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  16. Frank

    WOW Bubba you look delicious…………………..

  17. Edin

    Gene Lasker is the best i miss he’s stuped commets, bring Gene back and get rid off spice boy, i hate that guy….

  18. Aaron

    fernando is gay

  19. PITT


  20. Common Sense

    Aaron darling, when I look deep into your eyes I see a reflection of me and I have to tell you something, I look MARVELOUS!

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