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August 7th, 2009 by

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The 11 year old girl that called the show drew an image for Bubba and brought to our COX station. Is this drawing coached?

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  1. Dick Hangslow

    This guy needs some drugs!

  2. BK

    Bubba, This was NOT drawn by an eleven year old girl!! The psycho f probably drew it and had the daughter drop it off…this Jeff Clark guy should be picked up by the cops.

  3. Eric

    This is the creepiest thing I have ever seen.

  4. Mark

    This is just so sick. This is the biggest problem we have in this country. This guy needs to be taken out of society. This little girl has been totally brain washed by this piece of shit. The bad thing is that she will one day have children of her own and they will be in the same place she is. The cycle will continue until they no longer can have kids.

  5. michael J Kelly

    This guy is deranged and most likely dangerous. He is obviously off his own meds. I hope some of the people listed on this art work get him and his daughter some help before they hurt themselves or someone else. This is no way the artwork of an 11 yr. old. The thought of this image in an 11yr olds head is very distubing. I can only image what other imagery he has put in her head. If I was her I’d be begging for some gimmicks.

  6. Dave

    I think this was coached and that Jeff Clark needs to be locked up for child endangerment he is filling this 11 year old with thoughts and images that no child should have to deal with. What is gonna happens as she gets older? she will be on the streets because her loser “White Trash” Father will be dead or in jail within 5 years for something stupid!!!!!!!

  7. justin

    WOW!!! thats so crazy. I dont even think a 11 year old drew this picture.
    BTW love yur show………

  8. Denise

    I think you should alert Child Services to listen to these tapes. I’m not a big fan of Child Services but I’m really concerned about what this lunatic is doing to Camry psychologically. Poor kid.

  9. Jorel Perez

    was this drawing coached? are you kidding me, of coarse it was. by her wacko “father” who is being a pussy. a little bitch who calls himself a man needs to get his daughter (who he lost custody of for 3 years) to attempt to get his message across. what kind of a man gets his children involved in matters that an 11 year old girl shouldnt be getting into. and for a little girl like that to draw a picture like this?? get the hell out of here. may gabriel rest in peace and i hope this little girl doesnt let her so called “great father” f her life up even more. bubba, listen to you guys every morning and i appreciate you’re honesty and straight forwardness towards everything. i dont mind the crappy Miami morning traffic thanks to you.
    Jorel Perez
    Miami, FL

  10. Kevin Morgan

    And people wonder why our society is getting dumber, and more naive by the generation. This is a perfect example of how fine “white trash” parenting is slowly destroying this once great country and all of our freedoms. Maybe this guy needs to take a lession from the image itself and pop a couple of those “psychotropics” and make life a little easier for his daughter and the rest of the world. But I’m sure there’s some “money over morals” lawyer out there that will flip this around and make this basket case “father” appear to be the reincarnation of Jesus. GO AMERICA!

  11. Walt

    If not she should be picked up immediately and put in a mental hospital. Some poor guy is going to be sharing a bed with her in a few years. Imagine you have that bad luck and that guy as a father in law. Great show.

  12. Mark

    This guy should never have had his daughter given back to him. He needs some serious mental health care.

  13. Jason S

    A child did not draw this………

  14. Karla Phipps

    This was the craziest thing I even heard. I think we all understand why Camry was removed from her home. I think my question would be why was she returned and will Bubba be calling DCF to report this inccident? It’s apparent that the father has some serious issues!!!

  15. Kevin

    There is absolutely no way an 11 year old drew that on their own. Its far to detailed, and graphic. An 11 yr old isn’t going to use all those abbreviations and know to put the numbers on the pills. And since its a kid, wouldnt it say they are killing us, not they are killing our children? That line is coached all day long.

  16. Rich

    I think this is just a terrible parent to let his child listen and call your show and then allow her to draw such a morbid picture and then bring it to you, if he didnt draw it himself i would be suprised. he atleast had some influence on the picture, she didnt do this herself. I think you should turn his ass in, it is obvious the child is not in a good enviroment and will not get the proper guidence and discipline she needs from a parent.. and he has the stones to say bubba should be responible fro all this. whatta jerk. Bubba Army!!

  17. Susan

    I was listening the other day as I do every day when these phone calls occurred. I think it’s appalling that a father would let his 11 yr old child listen and call you. Your program is for adults. I love the show, but I do not let children listen to it when they are with me.
    I do not think that this child drew this herself, it looks more like the drawing that an adult did or yes helped with. DCF workers are overworked and under paid, but they need to make a point to find this family and remove this child from the home. Bubba please be careful as his comments to you sounded like threats to me. I love the show and all the “Guys” on it. God Bless each of you.. Susan

  18. Greg

    Wow, that is fed up. He lost his child once, and seems to be making a play to do it again. Trash breeds trash, this guy has completed his WT calling and is now putting an exclamation point on it. Look out for the next female serial killer, she is 11 and lives in Florida right now. Creepy….

  19. Ryan

    This is coached 100%. This guy is crazy and is probably mad that they took is f toy away for 3 years.

  20. Colleen

    Of course it’s coached! For one the composition is too sophisicated for an 11 year old & for another, what average kid knows that many names & agencies? She’s obviously being brainwashed by somebody, & it’s NOT Crist or the state.

  21. John Cross

    Yes This was Coached… A 9 year old would not draw this with out some “help”

  22. Roger that

    I would say it is coached, if not she is screwed up. Everybody who refers to their self in third person is usually messed up some how. (concerning “was Camry next”.

    She is named after a Toyota car, no wonder they took her away. Toyota also built the planes the Japanese committed suicide in. Heh, strange coincidence.

  23. kyle

    i dont think that was from a 11 y/o her dad drew that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Ryan Beaver

    That is f up! Bubba nailed it when he called them white trash. That picture alone should get DFS to take that kid and get her & her dad need to get some serious f help. They’re more fd up than Sal & Christine.

  25. JoAnne

    Someone needs to start an invest of the father. This reeks of a sick individual contaminating an eleven year old child. Bubbba you were so correct about white trash at it’s finest!

  26. Common Sense

    11 yo would how to spell psychotropic , let alone know what psychotropic even means! Plus if she drew this picture she refers to herself in the first person, not common in 11 years old. still a pretty good drawer though.”you are a white trash fetus,SAY IT!!!”

  27. Common Sense

    *would not know how

  28. Judge Truth

    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that “Daddy” drew that!
    Jeff Clark is an idiot and hopefully he will be locked up for a long time and really soon.

  29. Rob Weir

    You can tell this girl had help the letter structure “n” the dot above the “i” and the way GARriel on the shirt and at top are different

  30. Kenny G

    I would have to say this was definitly coached. I wouldn’t be suprised if the father drew it himself.

  31. Bigfoot

    There is noway on earth that she did that on her own and i acted like she did i would still be picking up my teeth off the floor i was raised never to disrepetec our elders

  32. Charles Manson

    This young lady has got some SERIOUS f***ing issues.

  33. chad lemmon

    yes it was coached no 11 year old came up with this

  34. Tim

    I think the dad drew this

  35. Kevin

    There is no way an 11 y.o. did this, especially with development disorders as the dad stated. He should be locked up

  36. cj weber

    i dont think the little bitch drew that .and i hope the state gets her back

  37. Neds Herpes

    This girl will be pregnant in a couple of years. Hopefully her Dad will have eaten his gun by then. Jeff, do your daughter a favor and follow in little Gabriel’s footsteps.

  38. RICK FTE 27

    This guy is wacked out. He is a good reason to be pro choice! cause his mom should have aborted that fetus. Cops should check his basement i bet he has said “put the lotion in the basket” many times!!!! He gives white trash a bad name!! JEFF: DO US ALL A FAVOR: look down the barrel of a large caliber gun now stick it in ur mouth & end ur daughters suffering!!! someone save that little girl!!!!!!! She would be better off with a total stranger than that nightmare! DO IT JEFF, SAVE TAX PAYER DOLLARS IN COURT SYSTEM & JUST EAT A BULLET!!!!!!!!

  39. Enrique

    Its like they’re making fun of it instead of “remembering” the kid. What a couple of douche bags. I feel bad for the girl that she wasnt successful in killing herself.

  40. Bianca

    There needs to be a regulating body that determines who should be allowed to reproduce and who shouldnt. This ignorant son of a bitch cant even take care of himself let alone that bitchy disrespectful little shit Camry.

  41. Bianca

    oh and this was most certainly not drawn by her stupid ass… this was so her faggot ass father

  42. Bianca

    Ok so in conclusion to my continuous postings… the title “they are killing our children” gives away Jeff’s coaching because Camry does not have children… what a moron!

  43. Bill

    It’s like you said on the show…is it really your responsibility to take on every cause in the state of Florida? Boo fing hoo!!! It’s a classic case of the blame game. Let’s blame everyone else for this instead of those close to the situation. Screw the drawing I wouldnt lose any sleep over it…great show guys keep up the good work…happy birthday hooty!!

  44. Michael

    Looks alot like Scientology non-sense to me.

  45. Terry Moore

    What a “whack-job”. The State needs to take away his daughter- again.

  46. Pete

    It was obviously not drawn by an 11 year old girl. The handwriting is not a girl’s handwriting and this guy is a lunatic.

  47. John Bastian

    This guy is out of his mind. You all may want to consider a protective order! Crazy is what cray does.

  48. Joe

    Clearly the 11 year old did not draw it. Who would refer to themselves in the 3rd person? Note the bottom right: “Was Camry next?” Definitely the work of the nut job father. Also, is NFL written in the state the National Football League? What do they have to do with anything?

  49. Kelly Kennedy

    I’m a self taught artist,you would be amazed with some of the things talented children can come up with.This is not one of them!It clearly says at the bottom r/hand corner “WAS CAMRY NEXT” .This is not in the first person!This IDIOT could at least have drawn “THIS COULD HAVE BEEN ME” Case closed,PSYCHO.You guys make my morning,mark out.

  50. AO

    This douche called the other day and I only heard an excerpt of the show. The jackass seemed as though he was high on meth or something.
    Then this wackjob was on the radio again this morning and what a tool he was. Bubba hit the nail on the head calling the guy out for asking why the hell was custody lost in the first place!
    The state of Florida in not in the child snatching business!!!!

  51. Steve

    This sick bastard needs to have his child taken away for good so that she has a chance in life!

  52. Bruce

    I thought Camry was a Toyota?

  53. Chicken foot

    Bubba rocks an I have no doubt in my mind bubba would smack this guy around like ned does his nuts

  54. RYAN

    It is blatantly obvious that her father contributed to the disturbing nature of this drawing. I would be willing to bet the farm that the sick f*** drew it himself.

  55. big D

    This guy is a f—- wack job,and the state should take his daughter away from asap>

  56. BB

    I don’t think there’s any way the girl drew this – or drew it without help. Whoever did, though, is seriously traumatized and needs help one way or the other. If Jeff coached her, which seems to be the consensus, I feel he’s guilty of mentally abusing his daughter. There’s no way she can put this behind her if he keeps bringing it up day after day.

    However, I don’t know what Florida’s child protective services are like, but where I live in Texas, they seem to be staffed with people who may have started out with the best intentions, but are ground to a nub and desensitized by the process until they are worse than the parents.

    Twelve years ago, my wife and I offered to take in her cousin’s kids when they were taken away by CPS. The father was an alcoholic that physically abused the kids, and he taught his son to abuse his sisters. The parents had sex in front of the kids, and not just with each other. The mom never protected the kids. So, after having the kids remove, the parents were directed to go to AA and complete parenting courses by CPS to get them back.

    After two years with no progress with the parents, CPS wanted to close the case and “reunite the family”. We had to hire a lawyer, and spent nearly $10,000 to keep the kids from being sent back to the same hellhole of a life. We won, and saw them through to adulthood, but sadly, the children gradually became the spitting images of their natural parents. The boy is an alcoholic, and the girl has two kids with the dad in and out of jail…I often wonder about the adage that kids are wired the way they’ll be for life before they’re ten, or if it’s genetic. Very disappointing.

    Fast forward to today, and one of our friends who tried to help out in a similar way by taking in kids lost her own son, after one of the kids complained of a stomach ache to the school nurse, who suggested to CPS he was abused. They swooped in and took all the kids, including her own natural son.

    Nearly two years later in court, without any abuse ever proven, without her ever being charged, after paying thousands of dollars to take the classes CPS mandated, paying for the psychological evaluations, separating from her husband, the son’s father (at the suggestion of CPS, you know, men abuse kids and all, right?), and losing her job from all the time she spent battling this, she’s about to get her son back, only after her second lawyer proved that CPS broke several laws regarding the handling of the case. Up until that breakthrough, though, she was only weeks away from having her parental rights terminated.

    Oddly enough, some of the people involved in her case – CPS department heads and the attorney ad litem – were people we dealt with a decade ago, but now they are bitter and uncaring, and not the same pro-family group we had encountered. All it takes is one or two bad apples to ruin the whole bushel, apparently.

    The child is now clearly traumatized, waking with nightmares, filled with the foster father’s religious ideas, unable to speak Spanish any longer, scared of doctors and police, and asking his mom why she let strangers take him. As a parent, what answer could you give you child to ease that hurt? What answer would heal your trauma? Wouldn’t you be a little paranoid?

    I don’t think it’s too hard to see why this Jeff guy might be damaged goods. Of course, it sounds like he probably wasn’t too solid to begin with…

    I hope Jeff doesn’t read this and find encouragement. Instead, I hope he gets some help for him and his daughter, and move forward from whatever situation separated them. If he wants to continue his Don Quixote quest against the authorities, Bubba, any radio host, whatever, he needs to voluntarily place Camry someplace where she can be a kid, and get the attention and love all kids need and deserve.

  57. kevin

    P.S. NED – wait until BUBBA gets beat into a pile of OOP to make a song
    -In a nonfagot way i love u, ROCCO
    just kidding kevin

  58. Jim

    This dude needs some serious help… He is a liar and an attention getter!!! If a person of this callibar deserves offspring then our society is worse off than I thought!

    P.S. Let this guy try to do something in public to Bubba or any other show personality in front of the BUBBA ARMY!!! He will get a first class Ass Kick’n…..

  59. Matt Walker

    Can you print this on a shirt? I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

  60. Corrie

    This was obviously not drawn by an 11 year old.

    The guy is a complete liar and contradicted himself several times.

    First he stated that he didn’t listen to Bubba, but used words like mark and commented about what Bubba was doing during his 93 rock days, as well as current shows.

    The guy then says that his baby’s mother is a essentially a crazy whore, yet contests that Bubba raped her because “she told me”.

    I could go on but I feel my blood beginning to boil…

  61. Another Fat Trucker


    There is no way that white-trash-fabulous kid with the MAJOR attitude problem drew that…. look at the handwriting and how sharp some of the lines are. It looks like this douche tried to mask his writing (poorly). I hope you get to blast him. That girl needs to be with the Uncle-in-law, or whoever called you the other day with nothing to add. She sure as hell does not need to be with that crazed M.F-er.

    -AFT (another fat trucker)

  62. scott

    there is no way that was done by an 11 year old

  63. Brandy

    This was not drawn by Camry, you can tell by the writing style. This man is sick and twisted and is not fit to be a parent. I agree with you Bubba people should be licensed to breed…This poor girl is now a pawn in his sick and twisted mind and games. I was listening to the show that day and I was so furious how he coached her to call in, your show is not for minors and he is exposing her to things she doesn’t understand.

    P.S. I am a loyal listener and nothing you do offends me, keep it up!!!!

  64. garth

    This “kid” has talent.

  65. Richard

    Wow this is very disturbing.I hope that the state of Florida take this child away from her farther.I hope that this child does not take her life.As far as if the 11 year old drew it I can say it is possible.I cant see that she drew this picture by herself,she had to be coached.This guy is a psycho path.

    Staten Island,NY

  66. Shayne boy

    I must say that guy drew a pretty good looking florida. Prolly had his daughter help him color it. What a father daughter kodak momment that must have been.

  67. Richelle

    Wow! As a mother i would be taking this childs letter if this was written by a child, to a psychologist along with the child not to a radio show! This demonstrates that this father is more into himself than his daughter! Bubba you have to send this letter to child protection services and hopefully they protect her from herself or her father which ever one is promoting her hanging herself! This guy is not healthy if he sent this to radio station! He needs to stop harrassing people and work with the system to make his child understand that there is help out there and people in cps are not bad but can be there to help!

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