Teen Mother Sarah White Tried to Kill Newborn, Say Cops; Girl’s Father Saved Infant

July 19th, 2010 by Staff

HENDERSON, Nev. (CBS/KPHO) A 19-year-old Nevada teen has been arrested on charges she tried to kill her baby just moments after she gave birth, police said, according to CBS affiliate KPHO.
Police said Sarah White hid her pregnancy from family and friends. Her mother only learned of it when she found White huddled in a bathroom April 3 with her newborn stuffed in a white kitchen garbage bag, said police.
They said White’s mother sent her other daughter to call 911 after discovering the baby purple and not breathing.

White’s father, a trained paramedic, resuscitated the newborn until paramedics arrived and took the baby to a local hospital.

According to a police report, Sarah White’s parents had asked her for months if she was pregnant and the teen continued to deny it, claiming she was simply gaining weight.
When White went into labor, she sent her mother to the store, claiming she needed constipation medicine, the report stated. Instead, the 19-year-old brought a garbage bag to the upstairs bathroom, got into the bathtub and turned on the water, knelt down and gave birth, the report stated.

After the birth, she tried to cut the umbilical cord, but told police it was too tough to cut through.

After giving up on cutting the cord, she told police she grabbed the bag and a towel, laid the bag on the ground and placed the baby on top of the bag. She told police she cleaned the baby and then swaddled it in the garbage bag.

When asked by police what she planned on doing with the baby if her mother hadn’t found her, she stated: “I have no idea.”

White told police she didn’t reveal her pregnancy because she was scared of what her parents would think of her.

Neighbors told KPHO that White came from a nice family.

“There’s nothing bad I can say about them,” neighbor Cindy Waitkus said. “(Sarah’s) a great kid, she hung out with my children.”

The baby, now 11-weeks-old, was turned over to Catholic Charities and put up for adoption.

9 Responses

  1. doug stackman

    tuis “woman” should be infertile. she should never be pregnant again.

  2. cris

    there needs to be some sort of sterilization done to dumbasses like this stupid biatch…it’d be even more f’ed up if she disposed of the baby and later on after she got married and wanted to have a kid had to admit that she did have on already…not only the mental issues with her but the questions that would be raised with her husband itd be a real f’ed up situation…

  3. ginger

    Poor kid, jumped from the frying pan right into the fire. The child still has to make from being all messed up after being placed with the catholic priest.

  4. Enkrypt

    Kill the bitch, give her dad a award, find the babies dad and sterilize him too.

  5. Misty

    Amazing, absolutly amazing…there is a very special place in hell for girls like that. I am a mother of two kids, I can’t have anymore and for her to do something like that when there are people out in the world who can’t conceive is absolutely astounding to me. Who gives a shit what people think about you!!! If your woman enough to spread em then you should be woman enough to handle the consequences. I mean f they teach this shit in school!!!!!!

  6. Critter

    Can’t you people ever give someone a break. The girl was scared, confused, and ignorant. We know nothing about her or her family. All I can say is don’t condemn the person, just the act. By the way, you say her father was a paramedic? Hope I am not in an accident where he is if he can’t tell a full term pregant woman from a fat girl.

  7. Neil

    Give her a break??? Are you insane?? She tried to kill a baby, HER baby. Thank goodness it was rescued, but I really hope it isnt going to suffer a life of hell being possibly crippled or brain damaged over the event. Let her burn in a chair. There are not enough examples set against actions like this. To hell with this little whore and you for finding a soft spot in your heart for crap like this. YOU are the reason we let murderers go free all the time.

  8. Helen

    Has everyone forgotten “Thou shall NOT KILL”? I was raped, beaten to near death, and yet I still had so much love for my baby that I gave birth to him, in a hospital, and found him loving adoptive parents; I was 16. Never in even my most darkest moments after the attack, did I ever contemplate killing my baby out of fear of what a damn person would say!!! She should spend the rest of her natural life in prison, rotting like the infestation on human life that she is! What a miserable excuse for a human being!

  9. Amy - Largo

    She wasn’t worried about what her parents thought, she was worried about herself!!! And as far as condemn the act; let somebody kill a child of yours and let’s condemn the act and not the person – ridiculous! She needs to be punished for her crimes definitely! And by the way, it can be very easy to confuse weight gain with pregnancy, just ask anyone who is heavy if someone has asked them when they are due – you would be amazed. Look at the people who you would never know were pregnant….

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