TEEN LOVE-TRIANGLE KILLER: I can’t believe where I’m at

March 9th, 2011 by Staff

Ocala, Florida – When you see Rachel Wade for the first time in prison, you notice how petite she looks in the vast institution.

The now 21-year-old speaks softly and smiles often.

She openly admits that she feels a lifetime of regret.

Rachel is the young woman from Pinellas Park who gained noteriety after stabbing her nemesis in the heart.

The two were dating the same boy.

Through tears Rachel told us, “I can’t believe where I’m at, and I can’t believe how the situation happened. It’s still unbelievable to me, I thought after county that when I got here, reality would set in, and it hasn’t.”

Rachel has long since claimed that she acted in self defense that night in April 2009. Months before, she and a girl named Sarah Ludemann began waging a verbal war on MySpace, text messages and voicemail.

Rachel left threatening messages to her romantic rival, including the phrase, “I’m going to f—–g murder you, Sarah.”

We asked her point blank, “What were those voicemails all about?”

Rachel told us, “I personally don’t remember leaving them. I know I’ve had conversations back and forth with her, I don’t specifically remember saying that. When I heard it, I was in shock. I was probably intoxicated.”

There are a lot of things Rachel wishes she could change.

“If you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently?”

She answered, “I wouldn’t have had a knife, i’d rather any outcome than this.”

Rachel maintained throughout the trial that she was protecting herself the night she stabbed Sarah in the heart.

In fact, she says she only brought the knife to intimidate Sarah and never intended to actually use it

“She just continued to come after me,” Rachel said.

She continued, “I didn’t mean to stab her at all, I started swinging back after getting hit so many times. My head was downward and I didn’t see where I was swinging.”

As Rachel serves her 27 year sentence at the Lowell Correctional Institution, she hopes that one day Sarah’s parents will forgive her.

“I hope that one day they’ll find some kind of understanding for the fact that it was two-sided and find it in their hearts to forgive me cause I never had the intention to do it.”

As for Josh Camacho, the once mutual love interest between Rachel and Sarah, he’s never come to visit Rachel in prison and she doesn’t want him to do it.

Each day behind bars Rachel says she feels trapped. She wrties to family and friends to cope and pass the time. She also takes college courses.

In addition, she holds a job pushing a laundry buggy.

She misses the outside world, but realizes she has to pay the price.

Still, she says, the guilt makes her everyday life even harder. She wishes she could change the past.

“I look at that every day, there’s been times I said I would take her place in a heartbeat. I mean, I regret it more than anything. I can’t take it back and if I could, I don’t know what the outcome would be, anything would be better than this.”

Rachel’s attorney, Jay Hebert, is going around from school to school talking about his client and her life. He is hoping that students will learn from Rachel’s mistakes. “She wants to do good in her life,” Hebert said.

Rachel would love to speak with students, as well, but is nervous that teengers wouldn’t listen.

“I know I wouldn’t have listenened,” she said. “Maybe if they saw me behind bars, they would know not to do the same things I did.”

Rachel says, by far, the toughest thing about being in prison is missing her family. She says she longs for the weekends when her parents come visit, and when they do, “I cling to my mother and don’t let go.”

Her parents saw her for the first time in 18 months just a few weeks ago. In the Pinellas County Jail, they could not see her face to face – only through a glass.

She says it breaks her heart to see her mother walk away each time.

“I will never let her see me cry,” said Rachel. “I don’t want her to have to see that.”

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    Rot whore, rot. who cares about your story?

  2. Barrack Obama

    What a total waste.
    She would have made a great prostitute.

    She’ll be so old and ugly when she gets out, that only illegals and blacks will want her.

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