Teen kidnapped, forced to buy Playstation for captor

November 16th, 2009 by

GOLDEN GATE (NBC 2): A teenager says he was kidnapped at gunpoint and forced to buy his captor a video game system at a Naples Walmart.

Kyle Yarkosky told investigators he planned to meet an acquaintance Monday night at the Pebblebrooke Lakes community off Immokalee Road.

When he arrived around 10:30 p.m., there was a white pickup truck that entered the gate in front of him.

Yarkosky says he followed it in, but the truck then stopped and two armed males got out and ordered him out of his car.

He told deputies one of them, later identified as 18-year-old David Daniels, hit him in the head with an assault rifle as he forced him to lay on the ground.

Yarkosky said Daniels demanded drugs and money from him, which he didn’t have.

Daniels then allegedly forced Yarkosky back into his car and said they were going to Yarkosky’s house to get $200.

So they went to Yarkosky’s home in The Waterways, followed by the white truck, and they scoured Yarkosky’s parents room for money, according to deputies.

They found jewelry and his step-father’s American Express card.

Daniels allegedly told Yarkosky they were now going to Walmart to buy a shotgun.

But when the arrived, the gun area was closed – so deputies say Daniels changed his wish list to feature an X-box 360.

He had no luck there, either, as the store was sold out of X-box 360 systems, so investigators say he had to settle for a Playstation 3.

Yarkosky said he bought the system and Daniels let him go.

He said he’d never seen the suspect before.

But a deputy at the Golden Gate substation had – he recognized Daniels immediately from the Walmart security video.

Daniels is charged with Robbery with a Firearm and Kidnapping.

Deputies have not identified the other suspects yet. Yarkosky say he still fears for his life and is scared to go home.

Anyone with information on the crime is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 780-TIPS. You can remain anonymous and be eligible for a cash reward.

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  1. Stupid Monkey

    Okay this is a good one as far as how fucking stupid people are to waist there assholes on games and drugs. I mean this 18 year old has to be on drugs or just one of those dumb mother fuckers that can’t sit still till he winds up in prison. It pisses me off but also makes me laugh because he got caught..goood. I mean does any of these tough guys know they can’t go to prison without a good “What are you in for?” Story, unless he’s that badass. I really hope these faggots get hard time for kidnapping a kid for stupid shit. I mean I want these moron’s to not be able to sit down anymore if they think this shit is cool. Make more prisons!

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