Teen Claims To Be Wolf, Misunderstood

January 29th, 2010 by

Decapitated Dog Pictures Draw Attention To 18-Year-Old

SAN ANTONIO (Ksat)– Wolfie Blackheart, 18, said she has taken on the ways of the wolf.
Word that she decapitated a dead animal brought on an investigation and threats, but she claims she loves animals and has been completely misunderstood.
She said she goes by Wolfie Blackheart because she “follows the ways of the wolf” and is part of what she calls the Crimson Blood Wolfpack, which she said “work(s) as a unit (with) loyalty, honor and respect.”
Blackheart wears a wolf tail, a dog collar and is often accompanied by her best friend, a wolf/dog hybrid.
Blackheart recently stirred up controversy when she decapitated a dog for a friend. She has claimed that dog was already dead.
“I’m not a killer,” Blackheart said. “I’m really not. My friend said it was her dog and she said to get the skull. I had no idea it belonged to someone else or previously to someone else.”
When photos of the decapitated dog surfaced on the Internet, Animal Care Services started investigating.
“I gave them all the information and I gave them the head so they could tell it was not animal cruelty and what I did was legal,” Blackheart said.
Wolfie said despite what anyone else may believe, she loves animals and taxidermy is her hobby.
“I like to learn and a lot of times I like to figure out the cause of death,” Blackheart said. “I’ve always been interested in autopsies.”

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