Teacher cuts girl’s hair as punishment

December 16th, 2009 by

www.inquisitr.com — A Milwaukee teacher has been charged with disorderly conduct and fined $175 after she cut the hair of a 7-year-old girl to punish the child for playing with it.

7-year-old Lamya Cammon says the teacher cut off one of her braids in front of the class, and described the incident:

“I went to my desk and cried. And they was laughing,” Cammon said. “She threw it away, and she said, ‘Now what you gonna go home and say to your momma? ‘ And I said, ‘That you cut off my hair,’” Cammon said.

Cammon’s mother is furious. She went to the school and confronted the teacher.

“I said, ‘Well, you know, you cut a lot of her hair off.’ And she was like, ‘Well, I do apologize.’ She said, ‘But I was frustrated,’” Cammon’s mother, Helen Cunningham, said.

Surprisingly, Cammon’s teacher remains at her post, though Layla has been moved to another class. Cammon’s mother doesn’t believe the teacher belongs in the classroom anymore, and the Milwaukee Teachers Education Association pushed an unrelated agenda declined comment on the specific incident in which Layla Cammon lost a braid. They did, however, indicate budget constraints may be causing a higher stress level among Milwaukee teachers. The teacher, who has not been identified, has also declined to comment.

Regardless of the stresses faced by elementary school teachers on a daily basis, how would you feel about an educator who believes this course of action is appropriate behavior spending hours with your child every day?

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  1. Teresa Dominguez

    I’d let them fine me $175 if they let me cut the teachers hair. That is absolutley out of line and I would not accept an I’m sorry. WHatever.

  2. Johnny D

    I feel bad for the little girl but maybe the teacher took OBAMAS advice and was insulating her home,now “thats what i’m talkin’ bout’ for all you dumb shit supporters it’s a direct quote from Erkel OBAMA himself.

  3. Kevin

    Johnny D, I can tell from your comments that you’re obviously a very intelligent individual, do you have any formal education?

    I bet that you get all of your political opinions from Republican talk show hosts, what is the female host’s name that uses that “Erkel” reference all the time?

    Do you have any thoughts of your own on this story or will you have to wait until Glenn, Rush, Laura or one of the other idiots of your political party tell you what you should think?

  4. Johnny D

    I hate to dissappoint you KEVIN,but….it’s really just common sense.I personally don’t watch tv unless it’s sports or Gordon Ramsey or hell even the Office but enough about me.Just like common sense tells me that you probably have a OBAMA/BIDEN sticker on the back of your hybrid and that by doing those sort of things you feel like a “pioneer of change” well your not.As for the Erkel comment I mean come on,even Ray Charles can see the comparison and he’s DEAD and BLIND.My education is “blue collar joe” a “white rugged man”my friends would say so go into your closet and give your Al Gore poster a big wet one for me.Common sense told me that as well. Merry Christmas……Jackass.

  5. Lori

    Disorderly conduct? WTF? This was a case of Assault and Battery on a child! If my daughter wouldn’t stop playing with her hair there are other methods of “correction” or “behavior modification” to try. That teacher should be glad I am not one of her student’s parents because the wrath I would bring down on her, the school, and school board would be more stress than they ever imagined!

  6. Kevin

    I’ll never understand how idiots like you can possibly read the above story and your only response is to take a jab at President Obama. What does this story about a child having her hair cut by a teacher in front of the class as punishment have to do with politics? Is everything in your world Democrats bad, Republicans good, are you really that much of a simpleton?

    With all your talk of being a rugged man and giving an Al Gore poster a kiss I’m surprised that you’re a Republican since they’re not exactly know to be gay friendly. Well, good luck with all that and a very Merry Christmas to you.

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