Tampa mother details abortion on YouTube

March 2nd, 2010 by

Tampa, Florida – A Tampa mother is getting hate mail and death threats after she took RU-486, which is also known as the abortion pill. She’s being criticized for detailing her experience in a YouTube video, on her blog, and on Twitter.

27-year-old Angie Jackson has been in the process of writing a revealing book about her life. She also blogs about some of the tough times she’s been through. Jackson says sharing this incident with her followers was only natural.

In her YouTube video, she addresses the camera and says, “I am having an abortion. Right now.” She even explains the method. “They have the abortion pill now. RU-486.”

Jackson also posted details on Twitter and says, “I am a blogger and I talk about most of what goes on in my life with my readers and my friends online.”

Jackson says she was terrified at first about taking the abortion pill because she didn’t know what to expect. “I just wanted other women to know they didn’t have to be as terrified as I was. I was so scared.”

She says she shared her story hoping it would help someone else. “Because I know that there are other women out there who have had abortions that they aren’t torn up about. That don’t make them feel ashamed. Maybe they knew it was the right choice, but our culture silences them and says that they’re not allowed to talk about their abortion unless they’re sad.”

Jackson’s birth control method failed, leaving her and her boyfriend with a decision they’d discussed years ago. The two are in a monogamous relationship.

Her first pregnancy was a difficult one. She says she had a lot of issues with her son’s birth and was in labor for 98 hours. She says it’s too risky for her to have any more children.

“I was already aware of my high pregnancy risks and I want to stay my son’s mom for a long, long time. I love him with all my heart and I want to be here for him. I think I can be the best mom by staying for the one son I have, instead of risking everything.”

Jackson took the pill when she was four weeks pregnant and says she knew this was the right choice for her family. She says she’s at peace with it despite the threats, not only on her life, but on the life of her four-year-old.

“I had expected to be called a slut and a murderer. Those are words we’re used to being called when it comes to reproductive rights. I hadn’t expected to have someone say they wished my son would be ripped from limb to limb in front of me. I hadn’t expected some of the very vulgar sexually violent things people have wished on me. It’s been rather shocking for people who claim that their motivation is the interest of an unborn child to then turn around and threaten the life of my four year old.”

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