Tampa man accused of killing girlfriend with machete, due in court today

August 10th, 2010 by Staff

Tampa, Florida (www.wtsp.com)– At 50-years-old, Danitza Fonseca struggled with sicknesses.

Her daughters never thought she would lose her life the way she did on Sunday night. “She really just didn’t deserve this,” said Gigi Fonseca, 16, as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Fonseca was murdered by a machete at the hands of her long-time boyfriend, say police, while her teenage daughters were in the other room.

Jennifer Fonseca, 18, said, “We heard a scream that just broke the silence in the house.”

Jennifer, her boyfriend and her sister Gigi busted down the bedroom door to find their mother’s boyfriend, Alexander Cote-Ferrer, 39, holding a machete.

Their mother was on the bed covered in blood.

“We seen him with the machete in his hand and blood all over him and my mom on her hands and knees. It was horrible. I’ll never get that image out of my head,” said Gigi, adding, “He had this demonic look on his face, almost a smile when he was doing it.”

Then, they say, Cote-Ferrer went after them with the machete.

Gigi showed us the alley behind her house where she and her sister ran for their lives that night. “When he started chasing us, we just knew it was our life or he was going to take it.”

Tampa Police caught up with Cote-Ferrer and arrested him for Second Degree Murder. He’s due in court Tuesday.

The sisters say the charge should be First Degree Murder because they believe their mother’s murder was premeditated. They say, Cote-Ferrer tied belts to the gate to prevent them from escaping during the attack.

The sisters also say he spent the day in the shed behind the house planning his attack.

“He was reading the bible, he was drinking a bottle of rum. We had this pork in the fridge and he was chopping it up,” said Gigi.

The sisters call their mother a Christian woman who saw the good in everyone. “She truly believed that God could have changed him,” explained Jennifer.

During the ten years, Cote-Ferrer was in their lives, the sisters say, they never liked him.

But they never thought he would do something like this.

Now, these orphaned young women have this to say to the man who took their last living parent away.

“We’ve been tortured since [we were] little because of him. I hope he dies in jail,” said Jennifer.

The teenage girls are still living in the house where their mother was murdered because they say, they have more pressing issues to deal with.

For one, they are trying to raise money for a proper burial for their mother. To help, email Jennifer at j.fonseca@live.net

Then, Jennifer is looking into getting custody of her 16-year-old sister, Gigi.

Cote-Ferrer is charged with 2nd degree Homicide, and three counts of Aggravated Assault. He is currently being held without bail.

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