Suspect In Radio Host Attack: “I Didn’t Want To Rape Her”

April 26th, 2011 by Staff

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – A Haitian-Christian radio host was confronted by a man who sexually exposed himself while she was on the air early Monday morning, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. Donald Destin, 30, was arrested around 4:30pm Monday, deputies said.

WFTV was there Monday evening when the suspect was taken to jail.
“Did you know her?” WFTV reporter Mark Boyle asked Destin.
No, sir,” he replied. “I didn’t want to rape her.”
“Why did you go after her the way that you did?” Boyle asked.
‘”Cause I was attracted to her,” Destin replied.
Hours earlier, around 5:30am, at the La Voix Evangelique D’Orlando 98.9 SCA radio station on Pine Hills Road and Alhambra Drive (see map) , radio listeners knew something was wrong.
“She said, ‘OK! OK! I’m gonna give you the money.’ Everyone listened to it,” station general manger Gary Pierre explained.
A listener called 911 after she heard a threat being made to the radio host early Monday morning, the sheriff’s office said. The radio host told deputies who arrived at the scene that, while she was on the air, the suspect entered the building.
The woman’s bible remained open and music was still broadcasting over the air.
“She was deep in prayer when she looked over and heard somebody coming in,” said Cpl. Susan Soto of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.
The woman told officers the suspect sexually exposed himself to her, fondled himself and made verbal threats to her. He attempted to sexually battery her, however, she told deputies she remained calm and was able to distract his attention and lure the suspect outside the building.
“She had the microphone on when the thing was going on,” said station employee, Emmanuel Laguerre.
Once they were outside, the woman said she was able to convince the suspect to go back into the building while she got into her car and locked the doors and remained there until officers arrived. Officers said the suspect went back inside the building and removed items from the woman’s purse, and then took off on foot.
“You never know what’s coming,” said Laguerre.
Destin faces attempted sexual battery charges, and burglary charges officers said. Destin has been arrested on burglary and drug charges in the past.
A surveillance system caught the incident on camera, but the station doesn’t record its broadcasts. The video or 911 calls that were made have not been released. Deputies were also able to lift the suspect’s fingerprints from the front door.
Station employees said the victim is OK, but might see a doctor because she was so shaken up.
Investigators said listeners have to have a special transmitter to tune into the station and can be picked up online.
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