Students pricked playing with discarded syringes

April 5th, 2011 by Staff

LEE COUNTY: Several students were stuck with hypodermic needles a student found at a school bus stop, according to Lee County Sheriff’s Office reports.

Deputies spoke with several of the students and one said she found several hypodermic needles at a bus stop at 23rd Street SW and Ruth Avenue in Lehigh Acres Friday morning.

Several students reported getting stuck with one of the needles, reports said.

Nine-year-old Cierria Holmes was one of those students. She says the needle went into her finger.

“The pointy part was like that,” she described. “And then I handed it back.”

The school bus driver contacted the district transportation department who contacted the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, reports said.

“The bus driver found about it while still in route to school and pulled over,” said Joe Donzelli, with the Lee County School District.

The deputy found three hypodermic needles on the bus, one on the dashboard of the bus, one under the front seat and one in a student’s back pack, reports said.

The infection control person with Lehigh Regional Hospital said the parents of the four children who were stuck with the needle should check to ensure their children are current on vaccinations and should follow up with their family doctor.

As for Cierria, she has another doctor’s appointment coming up soon – as well as more testing. And it’s all for something her mother, Fanta Holmes, says she never thought could happen.

“You don’t discuss needles at nine,” said Fanta.

The sheriff’s office is not investigating this. Officials there say it was an accident and no crime took place.

They also said that all of the needles will be destroyed.

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  1. Jennifer

    This comment is for the mother of the child who was stuck on her finger by the hypodermic needle. I read that that the mother said she thought this could never happen to her and that you dont discuss needle with a nine year old. In this day and age yes, you do discuss needles with a nne year old or with any child who goes anywhere alone, ie…. walking to school, standing at a bus stop, walking to a store without an adult and anywhere, I mean anywhere alone. At any age where a child spends any time alone with friends or just alone at all. Although it is very unfortunate we as parents must discuss sex, drugs and stranger saftey to any child who is old enough to listen and understand. It is not encourageing them to do these things it is arming them with information to protect them. I have two children of my own and my oldest i now 14, the yongest is 4. My older child has been getting lessons on sex, drugs and general saftey since he was about 7. I have made it a point in my house hold to give my children age appropriate information openly about all of these things so that if they ever have questions they know that they it is ok to come to me. Some parent may find this inappropriate. However, I can promise that if it had been my 4 year old daughter who found the needles she would not have picked them up ot touched them in anyway, she also would have found an adult rightaway to inform them that there was something unsafe on the ground.She has been armed with enough information to keep her safe even at such a curious age. I pride my self with this and I do not feel that I am teaching any of my children anything that will hurt them in anyway. I wish that every parent would arm there children with the same information because it would prevet things likechildren getting stck with what possibly could have been a dirty needle. I will keep that child and her family in my prayers and please to all parent arm your children with what they need to staysafe.

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