Students Blasted For Cooking Whole ALLIGATORS On BBQ Before Football Game

October 20th, 2015 by Staff


A group of students brushed aside the traditional burgers for a pre-match barbecue and opted too cook whole ALLIGATORS instead.

The Louisiana State University fans decided to eat the reptiles as they prepared for a match against the Florida Gators.

Pictures on Twitter showed them preparing the dead animals before sticking them on the hot coals – completely whole.

One picture shows a juvenile alligator with an apple stuffed in its mouth, having seemingly had most of its skin taken off.

The photo was captioned: “Alligator is on the pit. #LSU #Florida #GameDay.”

However, while the students may have been celebrating with their gator feasts, others were less than impressed.

One wrote: “Shame on you”, while another added: “Wtf people seriously do this. That’s messed up.”

Mimo1001, who posted one of the pics, insisted there was nothing wrong with cooking the reptile for dinner.

She wrote: “We eat what we kill. It wasn’t for a football game, and there’s thing called conservation.[sic”

Louisiana State University defeated Florida 35-28.

At least it wasn’t the Florida Tarantulas…

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