State releases more Casey Anthony case documents

September 30th, 2009 by

Orlando Sentinel– A stain in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s Pontiac appeared to be the outline of a child in a fetal position, according to an e-mail between FBI officials released today.

The e-mail was just one of 1,000 pages of documents released by the State Attorney’s Office on Tuesday in the first-degree murder case against Casey Anthony

A FBI analyst said several people examined a photo of a trunk liner, where a stain “appears to be the outline or silhouette of a child in the fetal position.”

“You can make out what may be the back, bottom, and legs most clearly . . . several of us can see this image and agree there is good chance we are seeing something significant,” FBI intelligence analyst Karen Cowan wrote in a September 2008 e-mail.

Two days later, an FBI photo technologist responded to the e-mail: “I would note that, although we may be able to draw conclusions about whether marks represent impressions or stains, for example, we do not report conclusions about what may or may not have left any marks or impressions in cases like this — it is too speculative. Others can draw their own conclusions about that.”

Dozens of FBI reports and e-mails were released, documenting the vast amount of items that were inspected by the federal agency.

Documents also noted the contamination of the duct tape found wrapped around Caylee Anthony’s remains.

Investigators found a female DNA profile on the duct tape that did not match Caylee Anthony, Cindy Anthony or Casey Anthony.

Investigators later found that a female lab technician who handled the tape during processing contaminated the tape with her DNA.

Another unrelated e-mail between FBI officials discusses hair found inside Casey Anthony’s car that is microscopically similar to Caylee’s. The e-mail states it is different from Casey Anthony’s hair.

The e-mail author, from the FBI’s Trace Evidence Unit, also stated, “. . . I can’t say absolutely that the hair came from a dead body but it is consistent . . . ”

Casey Anthony sits in the Orange County Jail facing a first-degree murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Marie. The state is seeking the death penalty in a case not expected to go to trial until next year.

The toddler was reported missing in July 2008 — about a month after she was last seen alive. Her remains were found five months later in woods less than a mile from her family home in east Orange County.

The medical examiner determined the toddler was killed but could not give a cause of death.

Copies of reports released Tuesday show federal investigators examined items for blood — such as a spare tire cover and pants — but none was detected.

Also gleaned from the documents is that Dominic Casey, the private investigator working for George Anthony and Cindy Anthony, kept a cheat sheet on the people involved in the Casey Anthony case, including reporters and hecklers, according to the documents.

His report shows pictures and notes on the probability of the individuals carrying a weapon.

Included in his list:

* Nancy Grace. Talk show host. Disseminates hatred towards [sic] family.
* Kathi Belich. Reporter. Disseminates hatred towards [sic] family.
* Richard Grund. Threats against family. His SRT Website boasts: “My Glock Rocks.” Note: Potential for carrying.
* Zenaida Gonzalez. Accusations against familyÂ…Note: Gang member tatoo’s [sic].
* John Morgan. Exhibitionist. Attorney for Zenaida.
* Katherine Harris. Protester. Threats against family. Note: Potential for carrying.
* Leonard Padilla. Disseminates hatred towards [sic] family. Padilla carries knife at “lower back area” in a sheath.

George and Cindy Anthony signed a contract with the private investigator on Oct. 31, 2008.

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