State Ban Prompts A Run On Four Loko

November 12th, 2010 by Staff

SPOKANE, Wash. — The news that alcoholic energy drinks will be banned in Washington State later this month seems to have only increased the popularity of certain brands. The owner of the Hamilton Mart near Gonzaga says since the ban was announced he has sold 50 cases of Four Loko.

And the demand for the drink remains high, which poses the question as to how effective the ban will be in stopping college students from drinking alcoholic energy drinks when, so far, it seems to have only made them more popular?

“They want to stock up on a case or two so they can drink it or just to have it,” Vinh Ho, owner of Hamilton Mart, said.

Ho said he only has two cases of Four Loko left because students are stocking up in advance of the ban on alcoholic energy drinks that goes into effect later this month.

“They just want to get enough of the Four Loko before it runs out,” Gonzaga University student Hanna Lorenz said. “I knew some people were worried about it and they said this is our cheap beer, basically.”

“Students are stocking up. I think they know its going to be gone pretty soon, so get it while it lasts,” Gonzaga University student Nathan Heinrichs said.

The Washington state Liquor Control Board banned Four Loko and other drinks like it before they can contribute to a tragedy. But it may take more than just pulling cans from store shelves, it may require a shift in college campus culture.

“I would say this is Four Loko week. I know now on Facebook the University of Washington has events saying this is Four Loko week,” Gonzaga student Jorga Jacobson said.

Go to YouTube and you can find songs written about Four Loko and see videos of kids seeing how fast they can chug the beverage. On Facebook, you’ll find fan pages dedicated to keeping Four Loko on store shelves.

But Facebook fan pages and YouTube videos won’t hold up against the Liquor Control Board’s vote Wednesday, which has set Nov. 18 as the deadline for Four Loko and other alcoholic caffeinated drinks to pulled from store shelves.

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  1. Roadmagnet

    Here comes the government to stamp out anything fun.

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