St. Petersburg police officer suspended over nude image on phone

August 6th, 2010 by Staff

ST. PETERSBURG ( A St. Petersburg police officer was suspended 40 hours for using his cellular phone to photograph the image of a nude woman that was on the cellular phone of a man he had taken into custody.

Police Officer Michael Weiskopf received a notice in his employee record along with the suspension, police said.

On May 21, Weiskopf arrested Matthew Petty on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Weiskopf took Petty to a police station to complete the investigation and paperwork.

Weiskopf was in possession of Petty’s cellular phone. Without Petty’s knowledge or consent, Weiskopf looked through the photographs on Petty’s cellular phone and found an image of a nude woman.

He showed the photo to another police officer. Weiskopf then used his cellular phone to photograph the image.

The following day Weiskopf showed the photograph of the woman on his cellular phone to another police officer. The officer told a supervisor about the image Weiskopf had stored in his phone.

The police department’s internal affairs found that Weiskopf discredited the agency. He also violated a department rule that says employees cannot use personal cellular phones to photograph images during work day.

6 Responses

  1. Eligh

    How dare you guys criticize LEOs. For shame.

  2. Tom

    they did not criticize him. he brought this on his self. he’s suposed to uphold the law. but he can’t obay them himself. he is lucky the department is not getting sued over it.

  3. Jroc

    “Maa!, Der Der come look what i saw at work today! I even got pictures on my cellerler phone der der.”

  4. john

    Well Tom, Before I criticized, I believe I would work on my english and spelling. You have no clue what you are talking about. The fact of the matter is yes we are held to a higher standard but we are human beings FIRST. Since everyone wants to be critical everytime something we do is “wrong” instead of calling the police first call the media or newspaper and have them arrive first see if they can help, THEN we they are to chicken shit to face the bully with the gun, call us.

  5. john

    It is himself and suppose to!!

  6. beans

    Pretty sure JOHN what Police Officer Michael Weiskopf did was creepy! The dude was like 40 yrs old. Do you know how old the girl was? Well I do, and that pervert Michael might as well have been her father… Pretty sure if that girl was your daughter you would be a little ticked and your “only human theory” would not apply. He should have been fired!

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