Sperm Bank Uses Celebrity Faces to Categorize Donors

July 20th, 2010 by Staff

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Choosing a sperm donor can be overwhelming for many couples and even more challenging to those who are trying to go it alone. There is a ton of information one has to sift through: donor’s blood type, favorite color and even high school G.P.A. However, what the donor looks like is one aspect expecting mothers won’t be able to see.
A local sperm bank is looking for a way around that issue by using some familiar faces. The California Cryobank is using celebrities to categorize what the donor looks like. But don’t expect to walk in and ask for a “George Clooney” or “Brad Pitt” because the bank won’t put any donor in that category for fear there would be such a run on the vials. Guess you’ll just have to settle for the “Steve Carell,” ” Ben Affleck” or “Bill Gates.”

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  1. Daryll

    I didn’t even think that sperm banks still existed. After watching tons of episodes of “Maury” and “Jerry Springer” I would have thought that most women skip the straw and just find some random dipshit to bang them. LMAO I really want to know what woman in her right mind chooses the Bill Gates look alike. Does she say to herself “I really want a geeky kid that gets his ass kicked on the playground.”? Yes, finally a child that looks like a billionaire without all the hassles of trying to become one!! lol

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