Spalding Firefighter Suspended Over Making Video Of Dead Victim

October 22nd, 2010 by Staff

Source: The Examiner — Spaulding County Fire Department has suspended a firefighter who to pictures and made a video of a dead victim of a car crash with his personal cell phone. The bloody pictures were later texted to the girl’s father and mother who had to experience the deadly Suv crash again and see their daughter lay dead in a vehicle with massive head trauma.

Spaulding County Fire Department said the firefighter has been placed on suspension while the matter is being investigated and an outside firm, determines if any laws or policies have been broken. Dayna Schacht, 23 who died July 17, 2010 when here SUV slammed into some trees. According to the Coroner, she died instantly. The firefighter shared the video with people outside of the department and word got around quickly.

2 Responses

  1. Capt. John

    Wow!! I have been a firefighter for 17 years and cannot believe this story. If I was on his department I would have beat this guys ass!!! I hope the ladies family gets revenge on this guy and just want to apologize to them
    for his actions. We are not all like this most of us are professionals and are good role models for the citizens of out cities and/ or counties we work in. This guy is a jackass and I hope he gets his!!

  2. kerrytheviking

    if people where to see more of these pictures, they might slow down and think before they drive like a-holes and kill themselves or others.

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