Siplin: “Pull Up Your Pants Or There Will Be Consequences”

December 3rd, 2010 by Staff

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — The state senator, who’s made it his personal mission to get kids to pull their pants up, now has a digital billboard. It’s at State Road 50 and Hiawassee Road (see map). It’s not Senator Gary Siplin’s only effort to fight saggy pants.
Siplin’s latest campaign to lift sagging pants just got some new exposure. Siplin told WFTV his space on a west Orange County billboard was provided free of charge by Clear Channel as a public service. The message: No pants on the ground in school.
“The pressure is on. We’re going to start in the schools first. Pull up your pants or there will be consequences,” Siplin said.
Siplin once again failed to pass a saggy pants bill aimed at students earlier this year. The consequences for exposed underwear would have started with a warning, next restricting extracurricular activities, and finally suspension.
Siplin is in the process of drafting his sixth bill, but there are plenty of young men who aren’t too concerned about that.
“Some places you can do that, some places you can’t, like getting a job. But right here, I’ll do what I want to,” one saggy-pants-wearing young man said.
Siplin was asked, with so many issues to tackle like unemployment and housing, why is he pushing saggy pants legislation?
“Most of the young people who are wearing this are in the ‘hood and they don’ t have jobs. They are our inner-city youth. They are sagging their pants and they need jobs too,” Siplin said.
And some would agree sagging pants send the wrong signal.
“When you walk around like that you’re putting a tag on yourself like you’re trying to be Ronald McDonald, a clown,” Orange County resident Alonzo Hearden said.
Other local leaders have tried and failed to institute a similar baggy pants law. Earlier this year, Cocoa city leaders tried to ban saggy pants but the city attorney said there were too many legal risks associated with that type of city-wide ban.

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  1. RON

    The whole saggy pants thing started out in prison as a way for the gay inmates to show they’re rears were available…maybe you should put that on a billboard.

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